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Wildlife Graphghan CAL

Would you like to crochet along the Wildlife Graphghan with us? Everyone is welcome!

Together we are creating each animal C2C Square of the Wildlife Graphghan, then joining the pieces together! Each week there will be a new animal square posted on My Hobby is Crochet Blog!

So bookmark this page and check back every week for a new square.

There will be 20 blocks all together, that will make a huge blanket!

Depending on the blanket size you need, you can work all the squares for a really large blanket, or pick the C2C animal squares of your choice, mix and match them for smaller blanket sizes. I say, for a baby blanket 6 squares + a border would be enough. For a toddler blanket use 9 blocks.

You can also use each of these animal squares to make the front panel of a C2C Pillow Case.

The official hashtag for this CAL is #WildlifeGraphghanCAL. Please share your progress & squares with us on Instagram, Facebook, and social media!

Please add your projects to the Ravelry pattern page also!

In my Facebook Group My Hobby is Crochet Community I have created an EVENT for the Wildlife Graphghan CAL where you can also share pictures of your work in progress and finished squares, ask questions and give your own tips regarding color changes! (The Event link will only work if/after you are a member of our group linked above!)

We will consider it an "ongoing" CAL project event through 2019, so you can start/finish as it suits you. Happy Crocheting!

NOTE: some colors of the Red Heart Super Saver yarn are thinner as other colors. For example Spring Green, Soft White, Light Blue, etc. This will cause some changes in the finished size of the squares. Even if I have designed each squares having 25 tiles x 25 tiles as the Lava Fox ( that measures 16 inches (40 cm)), some squares will end up a bit smaller. After you will sew them together they will equal out. That’s why I will reduce the overall size of the squares and make an avarage size of 14.5 inches/square.

This page will be updated each week with the link to the new square pattern posted!

Scroll down for the general instructions for c2c in hdc and tips for color changes!

Get the Wildlife Graphghan Squares:

Block 1: "Lava Fox" C2C Square

Block 2: "Chimp Lolo" C2C Square

Block 3: "Panda Lee" C2C Square

Block 4: "Lioness Lea" C2C Square

Block 5: "Tigris, the Siberian Tiger" C2C Square

Block 6: "Grey Wolf" C2C Square

Block 7: Racoon C2C Square

Block 8: Deer Stag C2C Square

Block 9: Giraffe C2C Square

Block 10: Elephant C2C Square

This are blocks 1-8 out of 20:

If you have not tried it before, you can can learn how to crochet the C2C worked with the hdc with the help of my instructions below and the Video Tutorials included!

For the squares it is used the C2C with the half double crochet!

How to crochet C2C Method with half double crochet:

Row 1: Start with ch5. Work 1hdc in 3rd ch from hook and 1 hdc in each of next 2 ch. (The 2 skipped chains at beg of row will be a ch2sp). You made the First and only Box Stitch of row 1!

From now on, you’ll start increasing 1 box st in each row.

Row 2: Turn your work, ch 5, turn, work 1 hdc in 3rd ch from hook and 1 hdc in each of next 2 ch. (1st. box st of the 2nd row made).

Turn your work, sk all 3 hdc of next box st, slst into ch2sp of that box st, ch2, work 3 hdc in same ch2sp. ( 2nd. Box st of the 2nd row made!)

Row 3: Turn your work, ch 5, turn, work 1 hdc in 3rd ch from hook and 1 hdc in each of next 2 ch. (1st. box st of the 3rd. row made)

Turn your work, *sk all 3 hdc of next box st and slst into the ch2sp at left of that box st, ch 2, work 3 hdc in same ch2sp.

(2nd. Box st of the 3rd row made); rep from * for the next box st (3rd. Box st of the 3rd row made).

Continue increasing 1 box st each row, working per color chart, or written instructions at the end of this post until you reach the corner (the middle of your square or rectangle). After that you’ll start decreasing on one side each row (working per color chart)

How to Decrease Corner to Corner (C2C) in Half Double Crochet

First Decrease Row (here Row 20):

Turn your work. Do not chain 5 anymore. sl st loosely into top of each hdc of the last box stitch made in the previous row, then slst into next ch2sp of last box st from previous row, ch 2, work 3 hdc into same ch2sp:

(First box st of decrease row made);

*sk the 3 hdc of next box st and slst into the ch2sp at left of that box st, ch 2, work 3 hdc into same ch2sp, rep from * till you reach to the last box st of previous row.

Join with slst to ch2sp of last block st from previous round.

Next Decrease Rows : Decrease each row 1 box st as written above until you get to 1 box st by last row.

Watch the Video Tutorial from Maria's Blue Crayon embedded below, to learn how to crochet the corner to corner with the half double crochet!


Work with bobbins or several small yarn balls. Only strand the yarns at the back over small sections and work over the small strands.

Bring the yarns:

  • To the back of your work wenn working on the right side
  • At front of your work when working on the left side;
And always place the old color to your right, so that the yarns do not tangle each other.

Changing colors:

  • On Right side of work Before changing to new color: work the last hdc of the last block stitch in old color just till before last yo,

    Having 3 loops in old color on the hook, yo with new color yarn and finish the st with new color;

    Tug the yarns tight and continue with new color; sl st to the next box st inserting the hook from back to front!

  • On Wrong Side of work : When carrying the old color yarn over a small section from right to left, change the colors the same as written above for the right side of work; same when you join new color yarn!

    When you need to pick up new color yarn (already used in previous row) coming from left, finish the st in old color, then slst with new color through the ch2sp of next box st inserting the hook from back to front!

    Tug the yarns tight and continue with new color.

Watch the Video Tutorial from 3amgracedesigns to learn how to make crisp color changes in C2C graphs!


  1. Hour many squares will there be in total?

    1. Hi Cecelia, I will publish 16, maybe 20 squares. You can make them all for a large blanket, or pick the ones you like the most and make a smaller blanket.

  2. These are gorgeous! Thanks for the patterns.

    1. Hi, you're very welcome! I'm glad you like them! Please enjoy! :)

  3. These are beautiful. I don't know how to do C2C but plan to try again because I really love the patterns. I'm left handed and most of the videos are for right handed people.

    1. Hi Gigi, I think that, as left handed, you would need to read the graph starting from the left bottom to top right.

    2. Thank you. I definitely will try it!

    3. You're welcome! Please let mew know about the results and share your left handed tips with our readers.

    4. That is exactly how I do c2c. Bottom left to top right.

  4. Hi Kinga,
    Have made many of your animal C2C patterns. Love them.
    Do you have an Owl C2C pattern?
    thank you

    1. Hi Flo! That's awesome! I would love to see your animal squares! Would you please add your pictures to Ravelry pattern pages? Thank you very much! Kinga.

      ps: I don't have an owl yet. Maybe in the future.

  5. Have done the Fox and wolf so far, thanks for making written pattern. So sure grandson will love animal blanket when done.

    1. Hi Gunjo! I'm glad that you enjoyed the patterns! Are you on Ravelry? Would you please add your pictures to Ravelry pattern pages? Thank you very much! Kinga.

  6. I would like to print the written pattern and your chart. I am not very computer savvy to do this without some help. Please let me know how to do this. Thank you.

    1. Hi, you can right click on the chart and save it to you pc, then print it out. Same with the text. Or you can use the Print Friendly site.

  7. Thank-you for these patterns. My grandchildren will enjoy the afghan.

    1. You're very welcome! I would love to see a picture,if you'll try the patterns. Kinga

  8. Just discovered your website. I can't wait to make these. Do you have an elephant, a moose, and a turtle? I will have to make all of them. How many do you have so far so I can print them out. These are really incredible!!!!!

  9. Hi, there are already 8 animal blocks published, link in the post above. An elephant will be also included.

  10. Can you make a virginia opossum block? I love these!

    1. Hi, sorry an opossum is not in plan. But many other beautiful creatures.

  11. I'm awestruck! Going to try my luck on these. I am easily distracted at looking at patterns n people's work n forget to hook! Wonderful patterns!

  12. Thank you so much for these lovely patterns. You are very talented and kind.

  13. I love your animal squares...just curious of when the elephant will be added.

    1. Hi, The Elephant C2C Square was published yesterday. Just check out my homepage.

  14. Thank you for sharing your patterns. I love C2C! You get to see your progress so quickly!

    1. You're very welcome! I love C2C so much! :) I love "painting" with yarn. hihi

  15. thank you for the patterns im going to try them as soon as i get caught up


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