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How to add a wire to the brim of a crochet sun hat

Have you crocheted a sun hat, but the brim is too floppy? In this video tutorial I will show you how to make the brim stiff and hold the shape you like by crocheting over a wire!

How to add a wire to the brim of a crochet sun hat

Ballroom Purse / Clutch Bag - Free Crochet Pattern

The Ballroom Clutch / Purse is the perfect accessory for weddings, parties, proms, banquets or other important occasions!
I wore it at an engagement party and I felt very fancy. It is absolutely an eye-catcher! I hope you will love it too!


Wheat Hat | Free Crochet Pattern

As promised, here is the Wheat Hat crochet pattern, to match the previously published Wheat Scarf.
Together they make a beautiful textured winter crochet set. I hope you love them as much as I do! :)

Wheat Hat Crochet Pattern

Wheat Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern

The Wheat Scarf is a beautiful crochet scarf featuring an interesting pattern with crossed-over cable stitches, that works up pretty fast.

Although it looks complicated, the pattern is quite easy and repetitive, alternating 2 rows of half double crochet (hdc) stitches with 2 rows of crossed-over cable stitches.

Crochet Wheat Scarf

Alie Beach Bag, a Crochet Raffia Beach Bag/ Market Bag - Free Crochet Pattern

Straw beach bags are super trendy in summer! I couldn’t wait to create my own!

I’m super excited to introduce you my latest design, the Alie Beach Bag, a chic and functional straw beach bag/ market bag.

Alie Beach Bag Crochet Pattern

Although it has a generous size to store all your beach essentials, it is lightweight.

It’s now my favorite bag to wear not only at the beach, but everywhere! I hope you will love it as much as I do!