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Free Crochet Pattern: Sloth C2C Square - Wildlife Graphghan CAL, Block 18

There where so many of you asking me to include a sloth in the Wildlife Graphghan! And I understand why! Who doesn't loves sloths? They are so adorable with their smiling looking faces!
I hope you will like my design for this corner to corner sloth crochet square/block!

Sloth C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Hook provided by Furls Crochet. Some of the yarns used for this pattern were provided by Red Heart Yarns.

This cute Sloth C2C Square it's the 18.th critter block of the Wildlife Graphghan Crochet-along on My Hobby is Crochet blog! I can’t believe that we only have 2 more blocks to go and then we will start joining them. Are you excited? I know I am!

The Sloth C2C Square it's a free crochet pattern that includes written row by row instructions for color counts follow with color pixel graph below.

Actually I am proving you 2 graph versions, one with 7 colors - as the crocheted block pictured above - and one version using 6 colors instead of 7. Please choose the one you like the most!

For detailed instructions and video tutorials for the corner to corner method with the half double crochet used + crisp color changes, check out the Wildlife Graphghan CAL Page!

Sloth C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern

Sloth C2C Square

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GAUGE: 6 C2C tiles = 10 x 10 cm (4 inches x 4 inches)

SIZE: the square is 25 tiles x 25 tiles and approx. measures approx. 15 inches X 15 inches (38 cm x 38 cm)


Because the shade Warm Brown from Red Heart Yarns is hard to find lately, you can replace all the Warm Brown c2c blocks with Cafe Latte. So you will only use 6 colors total, instead of 7. You will need more from The Cafe Latte as written above and you will need to make changes in the instructions.

I am providing you the graph for this version also at the end of this post!

1. You will use the C2C with the hdc, working the square on the diagonal starting from bottom right corner to top left.

Sloth C2C Square - work in progress

2. The even rows will be worked on the right side of work.

3. The uneven rows will be on the wrong side of work.

4. On the graphic you will read the even rows from top to bottom ↙ and the uneven rows from bottom to top ↗!

- RS: right side
- WS: wrong side

Color abbreviations: (See the color legend in the graph at the end of this post)

  • lb = Light Blue - this is the background color - if you like, you can replace it with any contrasting color of your choice
  • b= Black
  • c= Coffee
  • cl= Cafe Latte
  • a= Aran
  • dg= Dusty Grey
  • wb= Warm Brown
  • Written instructions (Version 1 pictured above, using 7 colors)

    Row 1 [WS]: lb

    Row 2 [RS]: (lb) x 2

    Row 3 [WS]: (lb) x 3

    Row 4 [RS]: (lb) x 4

    Row 5 [WS]: (lb) x 5

    Row 6 [RS]: (lb) x 6

    Row 7 [WS]: (lb) x 7

    Row 8 [RS]: (lb) x 8

    Row 9 [WS]: (lb) x 4, (cl) x 4, lb

    Row 10 [RS]: lb, (cl) x 6, (lb) x 3

    Row 11 [WS]: (lb) x 3, cl, (wb) x 4, c, cl, lb

    Row 12 [RS]: lb, cl, c2, (wb) x 4, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 13 [WS]: (lb) x 3, cl, (wb) x 5, c2, cl, lb

    Row 14 [RS]: lb, cl, c3, a3, (wb) x 2, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 15 [WS]: (lb) x 3, cl, wb, a5, c2, wb, cl, lb

    Row 16 [RS]: lb, cl, wb, c3, a5, wb, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 17 [WS]: (lb) x 3, cl, wb, a2, cl, b2, a, c2, a, wb, cl, lb

    Row 18 [RS]: (lb) x 2, cl, wb, c, cl, c, a, cl, b, cl, a2, wb, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 19 [WS]: (lb) x 3, cl, wb, a2, cl, b, cl, a, c, b, c, a, wb, cl, (lb) x 2

    Row 20 [RS]: (lb) x 2, (cl) x 2, wb, c, dg, b, a, (cl) x 2, b, cl, a2, wb, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 21 [WS]: (lb) x 3, cl, wb, a2, cl, b3, cl, c, b, c, a, wb, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 22 [RS]: (lb) x 3, (cl) x 2, wb, a, c2, a, b4, cl, a, (wb) x 2, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 23 [WS]: (lb) x 4, (wb) x 2, a, cl, b4, cl, a4, wb, cl, (lb) x 4

    Row 24 [RS]: (lb) x 4, (cl) x 2, wb, a4, b3, cl, b, a2, wb, cl, (lb) x 4

    Row 25 [WS]: (lb) x 4, cl, (wb) x 2, a, b, cl, b3, cl, a3, (wb) x 2, cl, (lb) x 5

    Corner -start decreasing!

    Row 26 [RS]: (lb) x 4, (cl) x 2, wb, a4, cl, b2, (cl) x 2, a2, wb, cl, (lb) x 4

    Row 27 [WS]: (lb) x 3, cl, (wb) x 2, a, b, a, (cl) x 3, a4, wb, (cl) x 2, (lb) x 4

    Row 28 [RS]: (lb) x 4, cl, (wb) x 2, a10, wb, cl, (lb) x 3

    Row 29 [WS]: (lb) x 2, cl, (wb) x 2, a2, c2, a5, (wb) x 2, (cl) x 2, (lb) x 3

    Row 30 [RS]: (lb) x 3, (cl) x 2, (wb) x 2, a4, c, b, c4, cl, (lb) x 2

    Row 31 [WS]: lb, cl, c4, b2, a4, (wb) x 2, (cl) x 2, (lb) x 3

    Row 32 [RS]: (lb) x 3, (cl) x 2, (wb) x 2, a3, c, dg, cl, c3, cl, lb

    Row 33 [WS]: lb, cl, c5, a3, (wb) x 2, (cl) x 2, (lb) x 3

    Row 34 [RS]: (lb) x 3, (cl) x 2, (wb) x 2, a3, c4, cl, lb

    Row 35 [WS]: lb, cl, wb, a4, (wb) x 3, (cl) x 2, (lb) x 3

    Row 36 [RS]: (lb) x 3, (cl) x 2, (wb) x 7, cl, lb

    Row 37 [WS]: lb, cl, (wb) x 5, (cl) x 3, (lb) x 3

    Row 38 [RS]: (lb) x 3, (cl) x 8, lb

    Row 39 [WS]: lb, (cl) x 7, (lb) x 3

    Row 40 [RS]: (lb) x 4, (cl) x 4, (lb) x 2

    Row 41 [WS]: (lb) x 9

    Row 42 [RS]: (lb) x 8

    Row 43 [WS]: (lb) x 7

    Row 44 [RS]: (lb) x 6

    Row 45 [WS]: (lb) x 5

    Row 46 [RS]: (lb) x 4

    Row 47 [WS]: (lb) x 3

    Row 48 [RS]: (lb) x 2

    Row 49 [WS]: lb

    Sloth C2C Graph Version 1

    This Graph is my own creation, my own pixel art made from scratch in Stitch Fiddle! Please respect my copyright and do not repost or distribute this graph anywhere else!
    You can save the graph image for your own personal use to a file on your PC, by right mouse click, option "Save Image". Once saved to your pc, you can print it out.

    Sloth C2C Graph

    Sloth C2C Graph Version 2

    Sloth C2C Graph Version 2

    I hope you enjoy this pattern!
    I would love to see your sloth versions! Please share your pictures on social media using hashtag #WildlifeGraphghanCAL.

    If you have missed any of the previous wildlife animal squares, check out the Wildlife Graphghan CAL Page!

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    Sloth C2C Square
    Written Instructions, Pictures and Graph - Copyright © 2019 Kinga Erdem

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  1. I really admire the detail you can put into the sloth through C2C. It looks so cool. Great pattern!

  2. So cute !!!
    Thanks for the tutorial !!!!

  3. Hi!! I would be so interested in making this pattern a full sized blanket instead of just a tile. How would you recommend scaling it to be larger?

    1. Hi, there would be many ways to do that. Here are some ideas: You could center the sloth head and work more c2c blocks in background color; you would need to draw yourself to see the rows. Or you could do the sloth in the right corner of the blanket.

  4. Could you tell me how I can make this bigger please? I'm very confused on how I could do it! Thanks. :)

    1. Hi Taylor, you could draw my pattern on a graph paper and for the background just make more c2c squares around it. You would also need to recount all rows.

      Other method would be to crochet the square as it is, and then just work in the round around it.

      Or you could work a few c2c blocks in a solid color only + the sloth square as is, then sew together with the sloth as the centerpiece.

      I hope this helps!

  5. Hi is row 9 in the first graph missing one?

    1. I'm not sure what you ask. It is ok the way it is.

  6. Hi. I was wondering if you might have done a moose wildlife c2c square? I have a hunter in my family and would like to make a blanket for him.

    1. Hi, I only have a deer stag at the time. Not sure if there will be a moose. I will see what I can do!

  7. I am wondering if you have the left handed version of the graph and/or written directions?

    1. I think you could use the graph as it is. Let me know how it works.