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Bald Eagle C2C Square Free Crochet Pattern & Graph | Wildlife Graphghan CAL Block 27

Wildlife, here we go again! This time we are featuring the Bald Eagle, the national bird of the United States of America. It was a very requested block, so I hope that you will love my version of this majestic creature!

Bald Eagle C2C Square - Free Pattern

*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through these links. Thank you! Crochet Hook provided by Furls Crochet.

The Bald Eagle C2C Square is another great addition to the Wildlife Graphghan CAL on My Hobby is Crochet blog!
You can use it on it's own for different projects, such as pillow covers, bags, wall hangers, etc... or you can use it together with your favorite wildlife corner to corner blocks to make a gorgeous blanket that everyone in the family will love!

There are already 27 blocks, 27 creaters, with more to come! What will you choose? And what would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments below this post!

The Bald Eagle Corner to Corner (C2C) Square it's a free crochet pattern that you can find right here on My Hobby is Crochet blog!

This free crochet pattern includes written row by row instructions for color counts follow with color pixel graph below.

If this is your first time working corner to corner crochet ( c2c ) with the half double crochet, make sure to visit the Wildlife Graphghan CAL page for detailed instructions and video tutorials for the c2c method and crisp color changes! There you will find the links to all animal blocks also.

Bald Eagle C2C Square

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Bald Eagle C2C Square - Free Pattern

GAUGE: 6 C2C tiles = 10 x 10 cm (4 inches x 4 inches)

SIZE: the square is 25 tiles x 25 tiles and approx. measures approx. 15 inches X 15 inches (38 cm x 38 cm)

Same as for all the other animal/bird blocks that are part of the Wildlife Graphghan, I have used Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Many of the colorways were already used for the previous blocks, so you probably have some left overs in your stash ….

I have used 3 shades of gray ( from the darkest to the lightest shade): Charcoal, Gray Heather and Dusty Gray.

For the eyeball I have used a small left over of the yellow-greenish color, that is part of the Red Heart Super Saver Retro Stripe yarn.
You could also replace it with the same Gold color used for the beak, if you prefer… or use another yellow(ish) color you have in your yarn stash.

For the body feathers I have used Coffee colorway and the darkest brown shade from the Red Heart Super Saver Latte Stripe (named Mocha in the pattern) to highlight the feathers.
If you prefer and want to keep things more simple, you can totally leave out the Latte Stripe (Mocha) and work the whole body feathers with Coffee instead.

See the supply list below!


- RS: right side
- WS: wrong side

Color abbreviations: (See the color legend in the graph below the written row by row color counts!

  • lb = Light Blue - this is the background color - if you like, you can replace it with any contrasting color of your choice
  • bl = Black
  • c = Coffee
  • m = Mocha - from deconstruction of Red Heart Super Saver Late Stripe
  • ch = Charcoal
  • gh = Gray Heather
  • dg = Dusty Gray
  • y = Greenish Yellow - from deconstruction of Red Heart Super Saver Retro Stripe (or a yellow of your choice)
  • g = Gold
  • o = Oatmeal
  • w = White

1. You will use the C2C with the hdc, working the square on the diagonal starting from bottom right corner to top left.

Bald Eagle C2C Square in work

2. The even rows will be worked on the right side of work.

3. The uneven rows will be on the wrong side of work.

4. On the graphic you will read the even rows from top to bottom ↙ and the uneven rows from bottom to top ↗!

5. For the uneven rows (left side) you will place the yarns to the front of the work!
The first row with color changes (Row 7) it's an uneven row, so you will be working on the wrong side of work! That means that you will have to place the yarn strands to the front of your work!

6. For the even rows (right side) you will place the yarns to the back of the work!


Row 1 [WS]: lb

Row 2 [RS]: (lb) x 2

Row 3 [WS]: (lb) x 3

Row 4 [RS]: (lb) x 4

Row 5 [WS]: (lb) x 5

Row 6 [RS]: (lb) x 6

Row 7 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c2, (lb) x 3

Row 8 [RS]: (lb) x 3, c3, (lb) x 2

Row 9 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c3, m, (lb) x 3

Row 10 [RS]: (lb) x 4, c, m2, c, (lb) x 2

Row 11 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c3, w, m, (lb) x 4

Row 12 [RS]: (lb) x 5, w, c4, (lb) x 2

Row 13 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c, m2, c, w2, (lb) x 5

Row 14 [RS]: (lb) x 6, w, c, m2, c2, (lb) x 2

Row 15 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c5, w2, lb, g3, (lb) x 2

Row 16 [RS]: (lb) x 2, g3, (lb) x 2, w2, c5, (lb) x 2

Row 17 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c, m2, c3, w2, (lb) x 2, g3, (lb) x 2

Row 18 [RS]: (lb) x 2, g3, (lb) x 3, w5, m, c2, (lb) x 2

Row 19 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c4, w4, o, (lb) x 2, g3, (lb) x 3

Row 20 [RS]: (lb) x 3, g4, (dg) x 2, w, o2, w, c5, (lb) x 2

Row 21 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c, m2, c2, w3, o2, dg, g4, (lb) x 4

Row 22 [RS]: (lb) x 4, g5, dg, o, w3, c2, m, c3, (lb) x 2

Row 23 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c4, w6, dg, g3, c, g, (lb) x 5

Row 24 [RS]: (lb) x 5, w, g5, o, w5, c2, m, c2, (lb) x 2

Row 25 [WS]: (lb) x 2, c3, m2, c, w, o, w2, o, dg, g, (dg) x 3, w, (lb) x 6

Corner - start decreasing!

Row 26 [RS]: (lb) x 5, w2, (gh) x 2, dg, g, dg, w, o2, w3, c4, (lb) x 2

Row 27 [WS]: (lb) x 2, m, c2, w5, o2, g, dg, (ch) x 2, dg, w, (lb) x 5

Row 28 [RS]: (lb) x 4, w2, gh, bl, ch, (dg) x 2, o, w7, m, (lb) x 2

Row 29 [WS]: (lb) x 2, w4, o2, w2, (dg) x 2, gh, y, ch, dg, w, (lb) x 4

Row 30 [RS]: (lb) x 4, w, dg, (ch) x 2, dg, o, w, o2, w3, (lb) x 4

Row 31 [WS]: (lb) x 3, w5, o2, dg, (ch) x 2, dg, w2, (lb) x 3

Row 32 [RS]: (lb) x 3, w2, dg, gh, ch, dg, o, w3, (lb) x 5

Row 33 [WS]: (lb) x 4, w, o2, w, o, (dg) x 2, o, w2, (lb) x 3

Row 34 [RS]: (lb) x 3, w2, o2, dg, o2, w3, (lb) x 3

Row 35 [WS]: (lb) x 5, w, o3, w3, (lb) x 3

Row 36 [RS]: (lb) x 3, w7, (lb) x 4

Row 37 [WS]: (lb) x 3, w6, (lb) x 4

Row 38 [RS]: (lb) x 5, w, (lb) x 6

Row 39 [WS]: (lb) x 5, w, (lb) x 5

Row 40 [RS]: (lb) x 10

Row 41 [WS]: (lb) x 9

Row 42 [RS]: (lb) x 8

Row 43 [WS]: (lb) x 7

Row 44 [RS]: (lb) x 6

Row 45 [WS]: (lb) x 5

Row 46 [RS]: (lb) x 4

Row 47 [WS]: (lb) x 3

Row 48 [RS]: (lb) x 2

Row 49 [WS]: lb

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle C2C Graph

This Graph is my own creation, my own pixel art, designed pixel by pixel in Stitch Fiddle! Please respect my copyright and do not repost or distribute this graph anywhere else!
You can save the graph image for your own personal use to a file on your PC, by right mouse click, option "Save Image". Once saved to your pc, you can print it out.

Bald Eagle C2C Graph

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Bald Eagle C2C Square
Written Instructions, Pictures and Graph
Copyright © October Kinga Erdem

This pattern is free for your own personal use. No mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind! You can sell the products of your work, a link back to my blog would be appreciated.
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  1. I love all your graphs. They are so realistic. Wonderful work.

    1. Thank you Leona! I'm very glad you like them! :)

  2. By any change will you have a rabbit pattern?

    1. Hi Rachel, I don't think I will add a rabbit. I do have a sassy bunny c2c block, (with a bow) but not as part of this CAL.

  3. Your pattern instructions do not include the number of yards of gold required for the beak.

  4. I live in Alaska and would love to create an Alaska themed blanket. Squares I am interested in would be moose, whale, walrus, salmon, raven, muskox, caribou, seal, lynx, puffin, rainbow, trout, arctic char. Obviously, that’s a lot and I’m not expecting you to make them all, just squares. I’m hoping to find or figure out how to create myself. Thanks so much for the ones that you’ve already created. They are amazing!