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Crochet Projects submitted for the Christmas Challenge 2013, My Hobby is Crochet

Here are the projects submitted by our crocheters to the Christmas Challenge 2013 on MY HOBBY IS CROCHET, presented in a random order. Check out the links to free patterns used below!

 Click on the pictures below to open the page with the free pattern used for each project! 

After the pictures are presented the challengers with a link to their Facebook Pages.

by Oana Nicula

by Vanessa Lynn G.-Sarmiento

by Alicia Lucy

by Barbara A. Harper

by Diana Craddocks

by Faye Broughton

by Gloria Vitos

by Kathleen Colegrove

by Kristi Kallaste

by Leslie Isaac

by San

by Martha Vitez

by Nanette Cornish

by Barbara A. Harper

by Ramona Saintandres

by Raquel Silvas

by Rebekah Greaves

by Rebekah Greeves

by Alicia Lucy

by Andrea Gail

All these projects were made using my Free patterns found in this PATTERN GALLERY ON RAVELRY.

The Challengers and their FB Pages:

1) Oana Nicula from the FB page Crochet by Oana

2)Vanessa Lynn Gomez-Sarmiento from the FB page Bella's Yarn Creations

3) Alicia Lucy from the FB page Lucy's Loops

4) Barbara A. Harper from the FB page Knead to Crochet

5) Diana Craddocks from the FB page Mystitchescount

6) Faye Broughton from the FB page Fayes'sCrochet

7) Gloria Vitos

8) Kathleen Colegrove from the FB page Chain Reaction Crochet

9) Kristi Kallaste from the FB page Kiku'shandarbete- Kiku käsitööd

10) Leslie Isaac from the FB page Tickle Trunk Crochet

11) San from the FB page Loopsan

12) Martha Vitez from the FB page Martha's World of Crocheted Critters

13) Nanette Cornish from the FB page Yarnlv

14) Ramona Saintandres

15) Raquel Silvas from the FB page Raqueli

16) Rebekah Greaves from the FB page Bek's Crochet & Knit

Thank you very much dear challengers!  I really love all the projects, they are all so pretty! Good luck to you all!
Want to know who won the challenge? Check out in this BLOG POST.

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