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Friday, April 26, 2013

Crochet Dahlia Flower - Free Pattern with Step by Step Pictures and Video Tutorial | My Hobby is Crochet

This beautiful crochet dahlia flower is great as applique on hats, bags or any other project! A detailed step by step picture tutorial and a video tutorial will help visual crocheters. 


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Materials needed:
- sport weight yarn in 2 colors (or other yarn weight and appropriated hook size)
- 4.5 mm crochet hook;
- yarn needle 

Stitches, terms and abbreviation used:
ch: chain
hdc: half double crochet
front loops
slst: slip stitch

Special stitch used:
tr4tog  or triple 4 together[yo twice, insert hook in the stitch indicated in the pattern, draw loop through, (yo, draw through the first  2 loops, leaving the next loops on hook)*2 times]*4 times in the same stitchYou have 5 loops on the hook; yo, draw through all 5 loops on the hook.
( In other words, you will make 4 unfinished treble crochet, leaving each time the last loop on hook, so at the end you'll have 5 loops on hook; yo, draw through all 5 loops on the hook.) 


Flower Center:
With  yarn color A  ch3, slst into first ch to form a ring.
Round 1: ch2 (count as the first hdc), work 9 hdc into ring, slst into top of the ch2 at beginning of the round. Cut yarn. Fasten off.
(10 stitches)
Crochet Flower Dahlia
Flower center- Round 1
First layer of petals:
Round 2: Join  yarn  color B with slst in a hdc of the center.
ch3, tr4tog in the next hdc, ch3, (slst in the next hdc, ch3, tr4tog in the next hdc, ch3)*4 times, ending with a slst in the same hdc of the center as by the joining of yarn color 2.
(5 petals made)
The first layer of petals it's finished.

Crochet Flower Dahlia
Round 2

Second layer of petals:
Round 3: (see collage below)
Ch2 (count as the first hdc of the round).
Fold the petals from the back to the front and work under petals, on the back ridges of the center (see picture 3 in the first line on the collage below): 1 hdc in the first back ridge of the center (right under the beginning ch2), 2 hdc in each of the next 9 ridges corresponding to the 9 hdc of the center, slst into top of the first ch2.
(20 stitches)

Crochet Dahlia Flower Free
Round 3
Round 4: (see collage below)
ch3, tr4tog in the front loop of the very next hdc, ch3, (slst in the front loop of the next hdc, ch3, tr4tog in the front loop of the next hdc, ch3) x 9 times, ending with a slst in the stitch under beginning ch3. (10 petals made)
 Cut yarn. Fasten off. Weave in the loose ends. Arrange the petals in the right form. Maybe you'll need to help the petals to pop out correctly by pushing them up from the backside.

crochet flower dahlia free
Round 4

Watch below the Video Tutorial from Bobwilson123!

I hope you enjoy this pattern! 
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