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Dahlia in a square - Granny Square - Free Pattern with Photo Tutorial

How to crochet a dahlia flower granny square

Dahlia in a square- Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern with photo tutorial
Dahlia in a square- Granny Square by Kinga E.
flower granny square, dahlia granny square free crochet pattern

dahlia flower granny square
Size in cm
I developed my pattern "Dahlia Flower"  and transformed it into a solid granny square. 
The square it is worked in  continuation of the flower, using the same yarn weight and hook size as for the flower, but in a contrasting color.

First you will make the flower like in my crochet tutorial
DAHLIA FLOWER and your dahlia will look something like this:

Crochet dahlia flower
Crochet Dahlia Flower by Kinga E.


Stitches and abbreviation used (US terminology):
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
slst: slip stitch

Note: ch3 count as a dc throughout the pattern.

Turn your flower with the back side facing you and identify the back ridges of the last round (at the base of the petals), like in the picture below. The next round it will be worked in those back ridges.

Round 1: Join a contrasting color yarn in one of the back ridges; 

Look for the back ridges of the stitches at the base of the petals.

 Chain 3, make 1dc in the same stitch, 2dc in each of the next 19 stitches. Join with slst in the top of the beginning ch3. (40 dc total)


First round of the granny square
You have now a circle with 40 dc stitches that you will transform in a square.
Squares have 4 equal sides; so  divide 40:4=10. 
That means that in each 10th. stitch you will have a corner. 
To make your work easier, with the right side facing you, mark each 10th. dc (corner) with a piece of yarn, starting with the first dc after the beginning ch3.

Back side of the first round! You will mark each 10th. stitch 
on the right side,
beginning with the first dc after the  beginning ch3.

Round 2:  Ch3, work (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in the next dc (in the first marked corner); 

ch3 and the first corner.

Work the first side of the square (9 stitches)  in this order: 1dc, 2hdc, 3sc, 2hdc, 1dc. 

Beginning ch3, the first corner and the first side
Repeat for each corner and each side the steps above, having in mind that the starting ch3 will substitute the last dc on the 4th. side!!! (So you'll work for the 4th. side: 1dc, 2hdc, 3sc, 2hdc)
Join with slst in the top of the beginning ch3.
The second round (without the slst)

Slip stitch made; second round complete.
Round 3: Begin with ch3 (count as a dc), work 1dc in each stitch across the sides and (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in each corner= ch2 spaces of the previous round. 
On each side you'll have 13 dc (4 stitches more as in the previous round).
Join with a slst in the top of the beginning ch3. 

Round 3 of the granny square.
Round 4- work the same way as for round 4. Each side will have 17 dc. 
(Note: If you want, you can make your granny square larger, adding more rounds, working the same way as round 3, each round having 4 stitches more for the sides as in the previous round)

Round 4 almost done
Fasten off invisibly like in the collage bellow. 
Completing round 4. Invisible finish off.

Border: with a contrasting color yarn (the one you used for the flower, or in another color- your choice) begin with a standing single crochet  in a dc of the previous round, than work 1sc along each side, for a total of 21 sc on each side and (1sc, 2ch, 1sc) in each corner. Fasten off invisibly. (You can find a TUTORIAL  Knotless standing single crochet by mrsmicawber)

Border: Standing sc and the first side complete

Complete border. Invisible finish off.
The Dahlia in a square:
Dahlia in a square by Kinga E.
 Another color option for the square, with rounded border edges- i made in each corner 3sc instead of  1sc, 2ch, 1sc:

Dahlia in a square by Kinga E.

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