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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crochet Daisy/Flower Coaster - Free Pattern with Tutorial

This cute crochet flower coasters are quick and easy to make, you will surely want to make more of them, trying new color combinations.

flower, daisy coaster/potholder- free crochet pattern

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- small amount of cotton yarn in 3 colors: yellow, white, green;
- 3,5 crochet hook;
- tapestry needle to sew in the ends.
(In the tutorial I have used sport weight yarn and a 4,5 mm crochet hook; the coaster have a diameter of 11 cm and 12 cm; but you should use cotton yarn. You're coasters will be a little smaller.)

Stitches, terms and abbreviations used:

- magic ring
- sl st: slip stitch
- sc: single crochet
- standing sc: standing single crochet
- hdc: half double crochet
- dc: double crochet
- standing dc: standing double crochet
- ch1 space: chain one space

Coaster Pattern (the picture tutorial it's for model A)

daisy coaster-free crochet pattern

With yellow make a magic ring.
Round 1: continue with yellow, make 10 hdc in the ring, sl st in the top of the first hdc. Cut yarn. Fasten off.

Round 2: join white yarn with sl st in any hdc of the first round. Chain 4 (count as the first dc and ch1), 1dc in same stitch, (1dc, 1ch, 1dc) in each of the next 9 stitches; sl st in the 3rd ch from ch4 at beginning of the round. Cut yarn, fasten off.

Round 3: with green yarn (for model A) OR yellow yarn (for model B) make a standing dc (See the tutorial by Moogly) in any ch1 space of the previous round. (1dc, 1ch, 2dc) in same ch1 space as the standing dc, (2dc, 1ch, 2dc) in each of the next 9 ch1 spaces. Sl st in the top of the standing dc at beginning of the round.

Round 4: continue with green (for both models A and B) as below:
For model A sl st till the first ch1 space of the previous round, (ch3, 4dc) in same ch1 space as the sl st, 5dc in each of the next 9 ch1 spaces. Sl st in the top of the beginning ch3. Cut yarn. Fasten off.
crochet coaster daisy

Model B: with green make a standing dc in any ch 1space of the previous round and 4dc in same ch 1space; 5dc in each of the next 9 ch1 spaces. Sl st in the top of the standing dc. Cut yarn. Fasten off. The model B it is now finished.

Round 5 (the white border for model A): with white yarn make a standing sc (See the tutorial by Mrs. Micawber) in any dc of the previous round and one sc in each dc around.
Fasten off invisibly. (See photo collage bellow)
Wave in the loose ends. 
Invisible finish off:

Here is another color combo i choose, it looks like an Aster coaster now!

Crochet aster coaster

I hope you enjoy this pattern!
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