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4 Ways to Sell Crochet On Your Blog, by Sara of Crochet Business

I am very honored to host the very first guest blogger on My Hobby Is Crochet!

My guest is Sara Duggan of Crochet Business 
( Update 2015: The Crochet Business site is no longer available)
In this guest blog post she presents you 4 Ways to Sell Crochet On Your Blog!

4 Ways to Sell Crochet On Your Blog 

What if you don’t want a separate shop like Etsy or Artfire to sell your crochet? Is there an option for you? YES. All you need to do is have a way for people to checkout.

There are a number of options out there, here are just 4 for you to choose from:

1) E-Junkie.com
I use E-junkie for my eBooks and services. I just add a product to the shop, set a price, and add the code to my blog. I like this option because I can set coupon codes, track sales, put an electronic signature on my documents, and offer an affiliate program which helps spread the word about my services and helps my affiliates earn money.

2) Paypal.com
Paypal is what I previously used on my blog. You need a merchant account aka business account. You just create a button for your site and grab the code they provide and add it to your blog post. Alternatively, you can add a "Donate" button to your site, so your readers can pay what they want.

3) Google Checkout
I have very little experience with Google Checkout, but did want to mention them just in case you’d like to use this option.

4) Auctions
Jimbo’s Front Porch is a great example of someone who sells on their blog without a shopping cart. What he does is add his products in a blog post. He describes it and allows his fans to set the price of his work. This is actually a good business model.
His fans purchased his hooks for $35 - $50 each. I’m sure on some instances the purchase price will be higher than $50+ as it is dependent upon the users and how much they really want a Jimbo’s original.

As you can see there are many options to choose from. The key is to do some research and find what best fits you and your business goals. How do you sell your crochet? Blog? Shop?
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Thank you very much Sara for this useful guest blog post!