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Mock Cable Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern (child and adult women size)

The Mock Cable Cowl is a beautiful textured crochet cowl that makes a perfect addition to the Mock Cable Hat, so you can have a pretty set.

Mock Cable Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern

*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through these links. Thank you! Crochet Hook provided by Furls Crochet.

You can crochet this cowl in a plain color, or combine several colors for a fun luck.
I really love my knit-look Mock Cable Hat and Cowl Set! I hope you will love them also!

Mock Cable Hat and Cowl - Free Crochet Patterns

Mock Cable Cowl

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The cowl is worked in rows from side to side, then the short edges are joined together to form a tube.
The height of the cowl will be determined by the length of the foundation chain and the circumference will be given by the number of rows.


15 sts and 16 rows in stitch pattern = 10 x 10 cm (4 inches x 4 inches)


This cowl pattern is available in 2 sizes: child and adult women.
Child size: finished circumference 46 cm, finished height 7.5 in (19 cm)
Adult women: finished circumference: 24 in (60 cm), finished height: 9.5 in (24 cm)

You can change the size of your cowl this way:
- for a wider cowl make more rows in pattern repeat;
- for a higher cowl start with more chains; the number of total chains should be a multiple of 6+ 6 sts!



- ch: chain
- back bump of chains. Click here for my picture tutorial.

- st: stitch

- slst: slip stitch

- slst blo: slip stitch worked into back loop only

- yo : yarn over

- RS: right side of work

- WS: wrong side of work


  1. Yarn Over Slip Stitch (yo-slst):
    Yarn over (yo) and insert the hook into 2nd chain from hook; yarn over and draw the yarn through the chain;
    (You have now 3 loops on the hook).
    Having the 3 loops on hook, pull/slip the first loop on hook through the next 2 loops on hook to complete a Yarn Over Slip Stitch (yo-slst)

  2. Yarn over slip stitch back loops only (yo-slst-blo): work the stitch as described above, but inserting the hook only into the back loops of the stitches.

  3. Click here for my PICTURE TUTORIAL for both yo-slst and yo-slst-blo!

  4. Long Double Crochet (ldc): Skip two rows (2 knit look ridges), work 1 dc by inserting hook from bottom to top under the two loops of the yoslst directly below those two skipped rows.
    (This will create a mock cable!)
    Skip the st in the current row - the one behind the ldc you just made.

Learn how to crochet the long double crochet stitch in my Mock Cables Tutorial!


When working the cowl using more than one color yarn, you will make the color changes the same as for the Unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket.

Mock Cable Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern

Stripe Sequence:
- you will change colors alternating 2 rows of yarn color A with 2 rows of yarn color B when using 2 colors;

You can change colors every 2 rows, or you can play with the colors the way you like, for a nice color accent.

How to change colors from A to B and from B to A:
At the end of the 2nd. row of each color stripe made in either yarn color A or B, you will change the color at the last yo-slst-blo stitch of the row, always on the wrong side of the work, this way:
yo with working yarn, place the yarn string in the middle, then drop it, pick new color yarn and finish the last yo-slst-blo with new color yarn.
Chain 1 with new color yarn, turn and continue working next row with the new color on the right side of work.

See this Video Tutorial for color changes!


Instructions are given for child size with changes for adult size in parentheses!

Chain 30 (36).

Row 1 (WS): working into back bump of chains, yo-slst into 2nd.ch from hook and yo-slst in each ch across ; ch 1, turn.
Total 29 sts (35 sts)

Note: Easy way to figure out if you are on the right or on the wrong side of work: For row 1 and all other uneven rows, the starting yarn tail will be at your left hand!
The 2nd. row and all even rows, the starting yarn tail will be at your right hand!

Row 2 (RS): Yo-slst-blo in each st across; ch1, turn.

Row 3 (WS): Yo-slst-blo in each st across; ch1, turn.

Row 4 - Cable A (RS): (1 yo-slst-blo in each of next 5 sts, 1 ldc in next st ) x 4 times, 1 yo-slst-blo in each of last 5 sts of the row; ch1, turn.

NOTE: Don’t forget to skip the sts behind the long double crochet stitches!

Row 5 (WS): Yo-slst-blo in each st across; ch1, turn.

Row 6 (RS): Yo-slst-blo in each st across; ch1, turn.

Row 7 (WS): Yo-slst-blo in each st across; ch1, turn.

Row 8 - Cable B (RS): yo-slst-blo in each of next 2 sts, 1 ldc in next st, (yo-slst-blo in each of next 5 sts, 1 ldc in next st) x 4 times, yo-slst-blo in each of last 2 sts of the row; ch1, turn.

NOTE: The placement of the long double crochet stitches from row 8 should be right above the 3rd st between 2 ldc of first cable row.
An easy and fast way for me to place my ldc was to count 3 sts to the right of a ldc of the cable row below!

Rows 9 - 11: Yo-slst-blo in each st across; ch1, turn.

Rows 12 - 64 (80): Repeat from Row 2 to Row 11, ending row 64 (80) with a Cable B row!

Tip for quick counting the rows:
Count the number of rows with long double crochet stitches: for the adult size should be 20 rows with ldc sts; for the child size 16 rows with ldc.
Here is how my adult size cowl looks after finishing the last row (row 80):

Mock Cable Cowl worked sideways in rows

Do not cut yarn.
Continue with the step below!

Joining the short sides together:
You can join the sides all the way across, as seen in my adult size, or you can leave a few inches unjoined. (I have left 3 inches unjoined for the child size.)

With the right sides facing together, hold Row 1 edge on last row edge.
You can either sew or slip stitch the sides together. I prefer to sew them, because it gives a seamless look.
In the picture below, you can see the direction of the arrows showing where and how to insert the needle when sewing the sides together. Cut yarn. Fasten off. Weave in the ends.

I hope you enjoy this pattern!
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Mock Cable Cowl
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  1. awesome hst. Hats are my favourite thing to make and design. This is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! :) I love making hats also!:)