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Baby Sweater and Booties | FREE Crochet Patterns Review

Looking through the pictures saved on my PC, I have found this cute picture of my baby girl wearing crochet items I have crocheted for her during my pregnancy back in 2011.

These were some of my first ever crochet projects and wanted to share them with you.
Baby Sweater and Booties | FREE Crochet Patterns Review
For both sweater and booties I have used free crochet patterns by Esperanza Rosas from Tejiendo Peru (links below). The patterns are written in Spanish and they have also video tutorials, but...don’t worry if you don’t understand Spanish!
For the sweater there is available a Video Tutorial in English by Yolanda Soto Lopez.
Watch the first part of the Sweater's Video in English HERE! Second part HERE!

I really loved working the sweater! It has a very easy construction. Go take a look at Esperanza’s site. She has great pictures of the sweater in progress.

Baby Sweater and Booties | FREE Crochet Patterns Review

The booties with written instructions, chart and video tutorial in Spanish can be found on Tejiendo site. I have added a little flower as embellishment; the flower is not included in the pattern.

Baby Sweater and Booties | FREE Crochet Patterns Review

Yolanda Lopez has also Video Tutorials in English for matching Baby Hat and Baby Blanket.

I hope you enjoyed this post! For more free crochet patterns and tutorials, please visit my FREE Crochet Pattern Page!

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  1. What was the yarn you used on this? It is so pretty.

    1. Hi, I have used Red Heart Soft, if I remember well.