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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spider Web Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern REVIEW

I have crocheted this super cute spider web beanie at a special request from  my 5 years old little son.

His favorite hat ever! I have really enjoyed making this hat! I hope you will love it too!
Spider web Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern REVIEW

Don't lose this pattern! 

Spider web Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern REVIEW

Free Crochet Pattern Review: 

Personal Notes:

As always, I like to give my own touch to the things I make, so I made some changes.

I followed the pattern exactly, until the cuff. In the original pattern it is girly like, with a final round of shells. This doesn't works for a boy, so I have modified the pattern for the cuff.

I have opted for a ribbed cuff, using front post and back post stitches.

My cuff it is made of 3 rounds, like this:"1 front post hdc, 1 back post hdc" repeat around, like in the video of "RepeatCrafterMe" on YouTube bellow:


If I were to work this hat again, I would change the way the ​​vertical bars are made. Don't get me wrong! I'm not criticizing the original pattern, it's just the way I would do it. :) 
I would love that the vertical bars to be continuous and not interrupted, with small holes like they are now. 
I think a good solution it could be to work the tr crochet around the post of the tr crochet from the previous round in the web color.
Happy Crocheting!


  1. My son will love it!! He loves spiderman!

    1. You are very welcome:) My son loves it too!! His favorite! Have fun and please share a picture on Myhobbyiscrochet FB Page!

  2. ⚘️Thank you for this really nice pattern. My 4 years old grandson will love it

    1. Hi Petra! You're very welcome, but this is not my pattern! I have only crocheted my own version and made a review.