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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paris Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern

The Paris Cowl is a soft and cozy crochet cowl that works up very fast and uses only one ball of bulky yarn. Named after the Paris stitch pattern, this crochet cowl is sure to impress.

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Worked in the round, with only 1 row repeat, the Paris Cowl is very easy to crochet! I hope you will love it as much as I do!

- 1 ball (100 g) of Red Heart Boutique Infinity, colorway Enchanted
- 10 mm crochet hook
- yarn needle
- scissors

- ch: chain
- sc: single crochet
- dc: double crochet
- sk: skip
- ch sp: chain space
- sl st : slip stitch
- beg: beginning
- group: (2dc, 2ch, 1sc) into same st.

Each round will start with ch 3 that will be counted as the first dc, or you can replace the ch 3 with chainless starting double crochet (csdc). (I worked with csdc.)

Each round will end with a sl st to top of ch 3/ alternative to the top of csdc.

Paris Cowl Pattern: 

Start with 60 chains, join with sl st to to first ch.

Round 1: ch3/ alternative csdc, (1dc, 2ch, 1sc) in same st as the beg ch3, *sk 2sts, (2dc, 2ch, 1sc) in next st *, repeat from * to * till last 2 sts, sk last 2sts, sl st to top of beg ch3/csdc.
(20 groups total)

Round 2: sl st to next dc, sl st to next ch space, ch3/csdc, (1dc, ch2, 1sc) into same ch sp, *sk next sc and 2dc, work (2dc, ch2, 1sc) into next ch sp *, repeat from * to *, till last ch sp, sk last sc and 2 dc, sl st to top of ch3/csdc.
(20 groups total)

Round 3 -11 repeat as round 2. Cut yarn. Fasten off. 

I hope you enjoy this pattern!
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Many thanks to Red Heart Yarns for sending me the yarn sample used for this pattern! 
RedHeart.com is a great place to find beautiful yarns, crochet hooks, knitting needles, DIY accessories, free patterns and video tutorials. You can find them also on Facebook and on Twitter. 

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Paris Cowl - Written Instructions and pictures Copyright July 2015 Kinga Erdem.

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