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Thread headband- free pattern with tutorial

Pretty hair accessory for ladies and girls
thread headband crochet

How do you like it better? With or without flower? For myself i prefer it simple and elegant! I wear it a lot!

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Materials needed:
cotton thread size 8 (small amount)
2 mm crochet hook
1 hair tie (elastic)
1 button (for the flower)
sewing needle

Stitches, terms and abbreviations used:
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
sl st: slip stitch
ch loop: chain loops = 4 chains
shell: here a shell will be made of 7 dc in the chain loops

Special stitch
Standing single crochet = wrap crochet thread around hook once; while holding the thread tail with the other hand, insert hook in the stitch indicated in the pattern, thread over, pull up a loop, thread over and pull through both loops on hook. (See the step by step pictures in the photo collage below)

Size available: 
This pattern is an adult women size, but you can adjust for smaller sizes. One way it is to make less rows till the Bruges Lace part of the headband as in the pattern indicated, for a toddler size i will make approx. just the half of the rows, maybe 10 rows, but I didn't tested it!


Take the elastic band; we will cast on directly on the elastic.
Row 1: Begin with a standing single crochet around the elastic band; see picture bellow. Working over the yarn tail, make 4 sc more around the elastic band. (5sc total)
Chain 1. Turn.

Standing single crochet around the elastic band
First row completed

Row 2: 1 hdc in each of the 5 sc of the row 1. (5 hdc total)
Chain 1. Turn.

Rows 3: 1hdc in each hdc across the row. (5 hdc total)
Chain 1. Turn.

Row 4-18: repeat as row 3, until your piece measures approx. 9 cm.
Note:  The diameter of the headband can vary, depending on how much your hair elastic stretches. If you want the headband to stand tighter on the head, make less rows as here indicated.

Row 19: 1hdc in each hdc across the row, ch 4; turn. ( It is a variation of Bruges Lace crochet using hdc stitches instead of dc stitches)

(Note: after row 19, I stopped counting each row! :))

For the next rows, repeat as row 19 until on each side of the headband you'll have 19 chain loops. See the picture bellow. The section with ch loops measures 21 cm.

21 cm the Bruges lace middle part
After you have 19 ch loops on each side, you will continue for 18 rows the same way as the first part of the headband: 1hdc in each hdc across, ch1 and turn.

In the picture bellow it is shown the headband right before casting on again on the elastic band.

Casting the second tail on the elastic: make 1 sc in each of the 5 hdc of previous row and around the elastic: first stitch in one hdc, then around the elastic, for each stitch of the row, like in the photo collage bellow.

After casting on the elastic, it will look like in the picture bellow. Observe that the top of the stitches (the seam) are at the edge of the elastic. Pull the seam to the inside of the headband for a nice, finished look. Secure by sewing the last row with the previous row.

The top of the stitches are at the edge of the elastic

The sides:
First side: Begin with a standing sc in the first ch loop, (7dc in next ch loop, 1sc in next ch loop)*9 times
(9 shells total.)
Cut yarn. Fasten off.

Second side: repeat as for the first side.
You should have 9 shells on each side.

Second side with shells completed
Joining the center of the elastic band:
Right in the center of the elastic band, make 1 standing single crochet around both sides of the elastic band and than 5 sc more around both sides.  Cut yarn. Fasten off. 
(6 sc total around the center of the elastic band)
Hide the edges of the stitches to the inside. Sew the yarn tails.

This is how it will look the wrong side, after hiding the seam to the inside
This will be on the right side

That's it! Make one in each color to match with your favorite clothes! :)
The flower pattern can be found on my blog post 2 layered 8 petal flower.

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Here are some pictures shared by a very talented crocheter, Marjo Reints, who combined this Thread Headband pattern with my Free Pattern Crochet Bracelet with Heart Button . Love her headbands! :)

I would love to see your headbands! Please share your pictures on our Facebook Page.

Written pattern copyright Kinga Erdem 2013. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, instead link to the pattern, if you would like to share it with others. Thank you! 

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