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Saturday, August 31, 2013

3 Ways of decreasing the stitch single crochet in back loops only

In this post I will show you three methods of decreasing the stitch single crochet worked in back loops only. I made a step by step picture tutorial for each each method, so you will be able to compare the way of working and the results obtained with each method separately.

But first, lets see some rows of single crochet worked in back loops only, without decreases!

I like the ribbing effect of this stitch! 

Note: In the tutorial bellow, the decreases are made only on the upper row!

Terms and abbreviations used:
- sc: single crochet
- blo: back loops only
- 2 tog: two together

3 Ways of decreasing single crochet back loops only:

1) Single crochet back loops two together (sc blo 2 tog).
The single crochet decrease 2 tog will produce a bulkier stitch as a normal single crochet worked in blo.

The steps to make are:
1) Insert hook into bl of the next stitch 

2) Yarn over (made in picture above) and draw through the stitch. You have now 2 loops on the hook.

3) Leaving the 2 loops on the hook, insert hook into next stitch; (see picture at step 4)

4) Yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on the hook.

One decrease sc blo 2tog made:

2.The second way of decreasing sc blo is to skip one stitch and work a sc blo in the next stitch.

The effect of this type of decrease are small loops in your work.

3.The third way it's what I call the “Invisible decrease single crochet back loops only”. The stitches are not bulky as the sc blo 2 tog, they look pretty, like the normal stitches sc blo!

Inspired by Moogly's tutorial for Invisible decrease for a normal single crochet, I tried to find a way that the decrease for sc blo to look much better. 
Steps to make:
1) Insert hook into blo of the next stitch. You have 2 loops on the hook;

2) Leaving the 2 loops on the hook, insert the hook into the blo of the next stitch. You have now 3 loops on the hook;

3) Yarn over and pull through first 2 loops on the hook. You'll have again 2 loops on your hook.

4) Yarn over, pull through the two loops on hook. 

I used the  invisible decrease sc blo to shape the neck part of my "Short Sleeved Toddler Cardigan", free pattern. 

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