Thursday, May 2, 2013

5 Petals Cluster Flower- Free Pattern with Phototutorial and Chart

Cute little flowers, great for using up scrap yarns. The pattern includes written instructions, crochet chart and photo tutorial!

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  Stitches and abbreviations used:
   - magic loop
   - ch: chain
   - sc: single crochet
   - cluster of 8 double crochet (explained in the pattern)
   - yo: yarn over
   - slst: slip stitch

  • Aran weight yarn in 2 colors (color A for the center ring and color B for the petals) (You can use also other yarn weight and appropriated hook size)
  • 4,5 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in loose ends

Flower center:
With yarn color A make a magic loop. Ch1 through the magic loop, work 10 sc into magic loop; join with slst into the first sc. Cut yarn.

Attach yarn color B with a slst into a sc of the flower center.

First petal:Ch3, [(yo, insert the hook into same sc, bring loop through, yo, pull through 2 loops, leaving the next loops on the hook)* 4 times]. 
You have now 5 loops on the hook and you have made a half petal. 
Leaving all 5 loops on the hook, move to the next sc of the flower center and repeat the sequence from [to] made for the first petal. 
You have now 9 loops on the hook; yo, pull through all 9 loops on the hook. Ch3 and slst into next sc of the flower center.
 You have finished the first petal.
Petals 2-5 make the same as for the first petal, ending with a slst into first sc of the center. (see the 2 collages bellow)
Cut yarn. Fasten off.

Charted pattern:

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