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How to Crochet the Front Crossed Double Crochet Stitch | Written Instructions and Video Tutorial

The Front Crossed Double Crochet is a nice textured crochet stitch that you can use on its own or combined with other crochet stitches to obtain different stitch patterns.

 Front Crossed Double Crochet Stitch Pattern

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For the sample pictured above I have crocheted a base row with single crochet stitches, then worked in rows with front crossed double crochet stitches all the next rows to obtain this lacy textured crochet stitch pattern.

Each front crossed double crochet stitch is made of 2 double crochet stitches that are crossed!

The Multiple for the Front Crossed Double Crochet is 2!
That means that you will need an even number of stitches in the row.


Front Cross Double Crochet (fcr-dc): skip 1 st, work 1 dc into the next st, work 1 dc back into the skipped st going in front of the last dc just made, inserting the hook from back of the work to the front.

This way the crossed double crochet stitches form a clear X, with no entangled stitches.

Check out the Video Tutorial below to learn how to crochet the Front Crossed Double Crochet stitch!


I hope you enjoy this video tutorial and the crossed double crochet stitch!

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