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Even Bobble Single Crochet Stitch Pattern and Video Tutorial

The Even Bobble Single Crochet Stitchor is a beautiful textured stitch pattern with two row repeats and the texture is built up from rows and columns of "bobbles".
Learn how to crochet this beautiful stitch pattern with the free pattern and video tutorial on My Hobby is Crochet blog!

Even Bobble Single Crochet  Stitch Tutorial

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The crochet piece worked with the single crochet bobble stitch is a dense fabric, that would look awesome for pillow covers, blankets, etc...

how to crochet the single crochet bobble stitch

As the name calls, the Bobble Single Crochet it is worked only with single crochet stitches and should not to be confused with the commonly used Bobble Stitch worked with the double crochet!

The Bobble Single Crochet stitches will create smaller “bobbles” as the Bobble Stitch with the double crochet.
It will also require a smaller amount of yarn, that will make for a lighter in weight crochet fabric.

I really love the 3D look of this stitch!

textured 3D bobble crochet stitch pattern

In this blog post you will find written instructions, crochet chart and a step by step video tutorial for the even bobble single crochet stitch found at the bottom of this page!

While on the right side you will get lots of texture, the backside is flat, as seen in the picture below.

backside bobble stitch crochet

The Bobble Single Crochet stitch is great to use for graph patterns, making sharp images.

Stitch Multiple is 2 + 1. Add 1 more for the turning chain.
(That means that you will start with an even number of chains!)


- ch: chain
- sc:
- st: stitch
- yo: yarn over
- RS: right side of work
- WS: wrong side of work

Special Stitch:

Bobble Single Crochet (bobble sc):
work 4 sc into next st,
remove your hook from the loop;
insert hook from back to front into the first of the four sc just made,
grab loop and pull through.

The Bobble will pop on the other side of work!


For this tutorial I have used Red Heart Super Saver - White yarn
Red Heart Super Saver - Retro Stripe yarn
and a 5.5 mm crochet hook (shown here my Furls Wooden Hook, Cocobolo)

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Even Single Crochet Bobble Stitch pattern and video tutorial


Start with an even number of chains.

In the example I have started with 20 chains and worked a small square sample with 9 bobble rows and and 9 bobbles columns.

Row 1 (RS): 1 sc in 2nd.ch from hook and 1 sc in each chain across, turn (19 sts)

Row 2 (WS): ch1, *1 sc in first st, 1 bobble sc in next st*, repeat from *to* to last st, 1 sc in last st, turn.
(19 sts= 10 sc + 9 bobble sc)

Note: As you can see, the bobble stitches are worked on the wrong side, but the bobbles will pop on the right side of the work!

Row 3 (RS): ch1, *1 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next bobble sc*, repeat from * to* to last sc, 1 sc in last sc, turn

Rows 4-18 (or as many rows you like): Repeat as rows 2-3

Note: The bobbles in a column should align themself.
If your bobbles are not aligned, you might insert the hook in a wrong place when working the stitches.
Or you are forgetting to work the sc before and after a bobble single crochet stitch.

crochet bobble single crochet with color change


To change colors the way I did, you will change colors after each 2 rows, when working the last sc at the end of a bobble sc row.
You will work the last sc until last yarn over, (you have 2 loops on the hook), pick new color yarn, yarn over hook and finish the last st with the new color. Ch 1, turn and continue the next two rows with the new color, changing again colors at the end of the bobble st row.


Note: I have not found a crochet symbol for the bobble single crochet stitch formed with 4 sc stitches! In the graph I have used a 3 dc cluster instead as a symbol for a bobble sc stitch!

Here's a reduced sample of the pattern with 10 chains to start.

Crochet chart even bobble single crochet stitch


Watch the Video Tutorial below to learn how to crochet the bobble single crochet stitch!

If you can't see the video right above, you can Watch this Video on YouTube!

How to Crochet the Even Bobble Single Crochet Stitch
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