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"Twisted Textures" Headband / Earwarmer | Free Crochet Pattern + Chart

The "Twisted Textures" Headband is a quick and quite easy twist headband pattern that you can crochet in less than one hour.

This crochet headband is featuring a pretty textured stitch pattern that creates a fabric without holes, perfect to keep you warm.

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Crochet Hook provided by Furls Crochet.

Crochet twist headbands are very popular at the time.
They are fashionable, quick to make, and require a very little amount of yarn.
All this makes them perfect for craft shows or last minute gifts and why not?.... a pretty accessory for yourself.

The twist gives the headband an extra charm.
The twist is actually the (only) seam of the headband and is quite easy to do; it’s all about how you fold the headband ends to sew them together.


Teen/ Adult women: approx. 4.33” by 20” ( 11 cm by 50.8 cm)

This headband is worked lengthwise, that means that the foundation chain will determine the circumference of the headband.

To resize the headband, add or subtract chains; your starting chain should be a multiple of 2 plus 1.


For variegated headband worked in Hopscotch yarn: 12 hdc = 10 cm (4”)
For solid color headbands worked in Super Saver yarn: 13 hdc = 10 cm (4”)

The Hopscotch yarn is a bit thicker as the Super Saver yarn and it has more stretch.


the multiple for the stitch pattern is 2; add 1 more for the foundation chain.


The light variegated headband it’s made using 40 g of Red Heart Hopscotch yarn, Somersault colorway.
This is a heavier weight worsted acrylic yarn, very soft and warm!
I really love it! It is such a pleasure to work with it … and to wear the items made with it!:)

However the textured stitch pattern used stands out more on the solid color headbands.

For the solid color headbands I have used 40 g of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in colorways Charcoal and Light Blue. (yarn weight: Medium 4)

My favorite to wear is definitely the one made with Hopscotch yarn because of the way it feels. So soft and warm!


  • 5.5 mm crochet hook (I have used Furls Wooden Hook, Cocobolo)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

    • ch: chain
    • st: stitch
    • Sk: skip
    • hdc: half double crochet
    • dc: double crochet
    • RS: right side
    • WS: wrong side
    • back bump behind the chains

    Special stitches:

    bcr hdc: Back Crossed Half Double Crochet: sk 1 st, work 1 hdc into the next st, 1 hdc back into skipped st going behind the last hdc just made, so as not to catch it, inserting the hook from front to back of the work.

    As you can see, 1 bcr hdc will be made of 2 sts.

    Click HERE for Stitch Instructions, Photo and Video Tutorial for the Back Crossed Half Double Crochet!!


    1. To prevent holes on the edge the rows worked with hdc & crossed hdc sts are started with ch1 instead of ch2 as usually used. Do not ch1 tight!

    2. ch1 at the beginning of hdc rows do not count as a stitch in the final stitch count.

    Twisted Textures Headband

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    Twisted Textures Headband Free Crochet Pattern


    (see the charted pattern at the end of this post!)

    Using a 5.5 mm crochet hook, Chain 61 with Hopscotch yarn.
    Or Chain 67 with Super Saver yarn.

    Row 1 (RS): Working into back bumps behind the chains, 1 hdc in 2nd ch from hook and 1 hdc in each ch across; ch1, turn
    (60 sts with Hopscotch yarn or 66 sts with Super Saver yarn)

    Row 2 (WS): 1 hdc in first st, work bcr hdc across the row to last st, 1 hdc in last st; ch1, turn

    (60 sts, 66 sts)

    Note: You are working the crossed stitches on the wrong side, but the pattern will stand out on the other side, the right side!

    Row 3 (RS): 1 hdc in each st across

    (60 sts, 66 sts)

    Rows 4- 11: repeat as rows 2- 3, ending on the RS with a row 3 repeat.
    (60 sts, 66 sts)
    Cut yarn leaving a long tail that will be used to sew the short ends together.


    Sewing with the Twist (SEE PHOTO COLLAGE BELOW!):

    How to sew the twist in the crochet headband

    1. Lay the crochet piece flat with the RS facing.
    2. Bring short ends to the middle. (Now you'll be working on the wrong side of the crochet piece)
    3. Fold both ends in half and
    4. "sandwich" the 4 layers together as seen in the picture collage below.
    5. Thread the yarn end and sew along the edge going through all 4 layers. Turn and sew once more to secure.
    Cut yarn. Fasten off. Turn the headband to the right side.
    And you're done!

    Crochet Headband with a twist at the front

    I hope you enjoy this pattern!

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    "Twisted Textures" Headband
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    1. Thank you for this quick, cute gift idea!

    2. Was wondering your thoughts on starting with foundation hdc instead of the chain? I have found that when I start something like this with a chain, the chain doesn't stretch like the last row. Maybe I just chain too tight.

      1. Hi, yes, you could work with foundation hdc, but keep the sts a bit tighter to not distort the edge and becoming too wide.

    3. This is beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful pattern!

    4. You're very welcome Agat! Please enjoy! :)

    5. This headband is SO beautiful in variegated yarns!!
      I can't wait to finish one!

    6. Just completed this ear warmer I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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