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"Sassy Bunny" C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern: Written Instructions + Graph

The "Sassy Bunny" is the first C2C square in my Animal C2C series.

Sassy Bunny C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern

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The yarn was provided by Red Heart Yarns.
Crochet Hook provided by Furls Crochet.

You can use these C2C squares in several ways.

They have the perfect size to make a pillow cover for a 16 inches X 16 inches decorative/ trow pillow.

In my next blog post, I will show you how to use the Sassy Bunny Square to make a Removable C2C Pillow Case.

Removable C2C Pillow Case

You can also join several Animal C2C squares together and make various items like baby / toddler blankets or any other decorative item.

The Sassy Bunny C2C square is very special to me because it is based on my childhood memories and it is dedicated to my mom who passed away a few years ago.
I tried to recreate in pixel art the bunny heads we used to draw together to decorate Easter eggs. I hope that you will love it as much as I do!

Sassy Bunny C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern

"Sassy Bunny" C2C Square

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This pattern includes basic instructions for the hdc corner to corner box stitch, Graph for the Bunny C2C and also row by row written instructions for color counts.
(Continue scrolling for the instructions and the graph!)

The Pattern is worked using the diagonal box stitch (C2C) in hdc (half double crochet).

You will work the C2C piece on the diagonal starting from bottom right corner to top left.

Sassy Bunny C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern

GAUGE: 6 C2C tiles = 10 x 10 cm (4 inches x 4 inches)

SIZE: the square is made of 25 tiles x 25 tiles and measures 16 inches X 16 inches (40 cm x 40 cm)

To make this square, I have combined Red Heart Super Saver with Red Heart Soft for the Bunny Head, but you can use Super Saver yarn for the whole square, see my suggestions below.

- ch: chain

- slst: slip stitch

- ch2sp: chain two space

- st: stitch

- sc: single crochet

- hdc: half double crochet

- RS: right side

- WS: wrong side

- beg: beginning

- sk: skip

- rep: repeat

- yo: yarn over

C2C worked in HDC - THE METHOD:

Let’s see how to crochet a square with the hdc box stitch and C2C Method!

Row 1: Start with ch5. Work 1hdc in 3rd ch from hook and 1 hdc in each of next 2 ch. (The 2 skipped chains at beg of row will be a ch2sp).
You made the First and only Box Stitch of row 1!

From now on, you’ll start INCREASING 1 box st in each row.

How to increase the Box Stitch/Corner to Corner C2C) worked with the half double crochet

Row 2: Turn your work, ch 5, turn, work 1 hdc in 3rd ch from hook and 1 hdc in each of next 2 ch. (1st. box st of the 2nd row made).
Turn your work, sk all 3 hdc of next box st, slst into ch2sp of that box st, ch2, work 3 hdc in same ch2sp. ( 2nd. Box st of the 2nd row made!)

Row 3: Turn your work, ch 5, turn, work 1 hdc in 3rd ch from hook and 1 hdc in each of next 2 ch. (1st. box st of the 3rd. row made)
Turn your work,
*sk all 3 hdc of next box st and slst into the ch2sp at left of that box st, ch 2, work 3 hdc in same ch2sp . (2nd. Box st of the 3rd row made); rep from * for the next box st (3rd. Box st of the 3rd row made).

Continue increasing 1 box st each row, working per color chart, or written instructions at the end of this post until you reach the corner (the middle of your square). After that you’ll start decreasing on one side each row (working per color chart)

How to decrease the Box Stitch/Corner to Corner C2C) worked with the half double crochet

First Decrease Row (here Row 26):
Turn your work. Do not chain 5 anymore.
sl st loosely into top of each hdc of the last box stitch made in the previous row, then slst into next ch2sp of last box st from previous row, ch 2, work 3 hdc into same ch2sp
(First box st of decrease row made);

*sk the 3 hdc of next box st and slst into the ch2sp at left of that box st, ch 2, work 3 hdc into same ch2sp, rep from * till you reach to the last box st of previous row. Join with slst to ch2sp of last block st from previous round.

Next Decrease Rows
: Decrease each row 1 box st as written above until you get to 1 box st by last row.

How to change colors and place the yarn strands:

Work with bobbins or several small yarn balls. Only strand the yarns at the back over small sections and work over the small strands.
Bring the yarns:
a) To the back of your work when working on the right side

b) At front of your work when working on the left side;
and always place the old color to your right, so that the yarns do not tangle each other.

Changing colors:

a) On Right side of work (direction of work is top down)
Before changing to new color:
work the last hdc of the last block stitch in old color just till before last yo,
Having 3 loops in old color on the hook, yo with new color yarn and finish the st with new color;
Tug the yarns tight and continue with new color; sl st to the next box st.

b) On Wrong Side of work (direction of work is bottom up):

  • When carrying the old color yarn over a small section from right to left, change the colors the same as written above for the right side of work
  • When you need to pick up new yarn coming from left, finish the st in old color, then slst with new color through the ch2sp of next box st. Tug the yarns tight and continue with new color.
    (See photo collage below!)

Sassy Bunny C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern

Note: There are some places where you need to take extra care with the colors, for example when making the eyes with black and the left mouth corner. You might need to stitch over after finishing.

Color abbreviations:
g= grey
p= pink
r= red
t= teal

Row by row Instructions:

Row 1 [RS]: t

Row 2 [WS]: t2

Row 3 [RS]: t3

Row 4 [WS]: t4

Row 5 [RS]: t5

Row 6 [WS]: t6

Row 7 [RS]: t7

Row 8 [WS]: t8

Row 9 [RS]: t9

Row 10 [WS]: t10

Row 11 [RS]: t11

Row 12 [WS]: t12

Row 13 [RS]: t6, w2, t5

Row 14 [WS]: t4, w4, t6

Row 15 [RS]: t6, bg, w4, t4

Row 16 [WS]: t4, w5, t7

Row 17 [RS]: t7, bg, w2, g2, w, t4

Row 18 [WS]: t4, w, g, w3, bg, t8

Row 19 [RS]: t8, bg, g, bg, w2, g, w, t4

Row 20 [WS]: t4, w3, p2, bl, g, bg, r, t7

Row 21 [RS]: t7, r2, bg, g, bg, p, w, g, w, t5

Row 22 [WS]: t5, w3, p, (bg) x 3, r3, t7

Row 23 [RS]: t8, r2, (bg) x 5, w3, t5

Row 24 [WS]: t6, w3, bl, (bg) x 4, bl, (bg) x 2, t7

Row 25 [RS]: t5, (bg) x 3, p, r2, (bg) x 3, g2, w3, t6


Row 26 [WS]: t6, w2, bg, g, (bg) x 3, r3, p2, (bg) x 2, t4

Row 27 [RS]: t3, (bg) x 3, p2, r2, (bg) x 7, t6

Row 28 [WS]: t8, (bg) x 4, t, r, (bg) x 5, t3

Row 29 [RS]: t4, (bg) x 3, t2, (bg) x 4, t8

Row 30 [WS]: t9, (bg) x 3, t8

Row 31 [RS]: t7, bg, p, bg, t9

Row 32 [WS]: t9, bg, p, bg, t6

Row 33 [RS]: t5, bg, p2, bg, t8

Row 34 [WS]: t8, bg, p, bg, t5

Row 35 [RS]: t4, bg, p, bg, t8

Row 36 [WS]: t7, (bg) x 3, t4

Row 37 [RS]: t3, (bg) x 3, t7

Row 38 [WS]: t7, (bg) x 2, t3

Row 39 [RS]: t2, (bg) x 2, t7

Row 40 [WS]: t7, bg, t2

Row 41 [RS]: t9

Row 42 [WS]: t8

Row 43 [RS]: t7

Row 44 [WS]: t6

Row 45 [RS]: t5

Row 46 [WS]: t4

Row 47 [RS]: t3

Row 48 [WS]: t2

Row 49 [RS]: t

The Graph - "Sassy Bunny" C2C Square

This graph is my own creation, my own pixel art made from scratch in Stitch Fiddle!
Please do not republish or distribute it anywhere else!
You can save the graph image for your own personal use to a file on your PC, by right mouse click, option "Save Image". Once saved to your pc, you can print it out.

Sassy Bunny C2C Square - Free Crochet Pattern

I hope you enjoy this pattern! For more free crochet patterns and tutorials, please visit my FREE Crochet Pattern Page!

Many thanks to Red Heart Yarns for providing the yarns used for this pattern!

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Sassy Bunny C2C Square - Written Instructions, Graph and Pictures - Copyright © 2019 Kinga Erdem

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  1. That is the most adorable C2C animal I've seen yet. I'm saving it for a future project. Thank you! And I'll have to check out your pillow cover post--I've had a C2C piece done and waiting for me to make it into a pillow for almost two years! Thanks again.

    1. You're very welcome! I'm very glad that you like my sassy bunny! :)

  2. Are there just the two: sheep and bunny, in this series? I am enjoying the wildlife series so much! I am curious what animals are coming next!

    1. Hi, actually they are all in the animal series. Maybe after finishing the Wildlife Graphghan, I will make some farm animals as well.