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Argyle with a Twist Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern

This twisted infinity crochet scarf or Mobius infinity scarf is made using the Technique of 
 Planned Color Pooling in Crochet with the Moss Stitch. 

Argyle with a Twist Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern

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The yarn was provided by Red Heart Yarns.

I have combined the argyle part with a plain corresponding beige color that shows up in the argyle pattern, but if you prefer, you can  choose to work the entire scarf in argyle only. 

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Argyle with a Twist Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern on myhobbyiscrochet.com

  •  Width: 22 cm ( approx. 9 inches)
  • Circumference: Scarf pictured is 145 cm (57") long. You can easily customize to the length you need by adding or subtracting rows.

- 1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver - Antique colorway (color A) and

- H /5 mm crochet hook

- yarn needle

- scissors


- ch: chain

- sc: single crochet

- sk: skip

- st: stitch

The scarf is work flat in rows, than the ends are joined together to form an infinity scarf. 

: It is important to maintain the correct placement of the stitch color vs. gauge!
 You will need to adjust the tension of the sts to get the correct number of stitches in the correct place every row!

Using a 5 mm crochet hook and the Red Heart Super Saver Antique yarn I got following color sequence:

Color Sequence:

Brown: 5 sts

Teal: 5 sts

Plum: 6 sts

Beige: 5 sts

This will be a full color sequence that will have to repeat throughout the pattern! It doesn´t matter with which color you start.

 (Depending of the dye lot, you can have some color variations in the skein  and/ or the number of stitches in each color could be different as my own.)

If you haven’t tried color pooling yet, I recommend watching Marly Bird’s Video Tutorials:
The Best Planned Color Pooling Tutorial below:

Check out also Marly's 10 Secrets to perfect Planned Color Pooling VIDEO TUTORIAL.

A Quick Guide to Color Polling  is a great  article on Red Heart Yarn; there are great tips and a list of yarns that work with planned color pooling.



Using Red Heart Antique yarn, begin by chaining through at least one full color sequence of the color repeat, making sure that the last chain on your hook is the first color of the next section.

You will now start to work the Moss stitch pattern!

Row 1: work 1sc into 4th ch from hook, *ch1, 1sc around the foundation ch (instead of going into ch st); repeat from * until you get through one full color sequence. (21 moss sts)

Don’t worry about the long tail of foundation chain stitches! You will unravel the unused chain stitches at the end of the work.

To get the argyle to work, you’ll need to shift the color sequence over by 1 stitch (if not, the colors will stack on each other forming vertical stripes).

To shift the color sequence over by 1 st, unravel the last sc and ch 1 of the last color!

Row 2: ch 2, turn and continue with the moss stitch: work 1 sc in next ch-1 space, *ch1, sk 1sc, work 1sc in next ch-1 space; repeat from * to end, finishing with 1 sc into last ch space. (20 moss sts total)

Row 3: Repeat as row 2.

This and every next row, the colors should shift to the left by 1 st from the colors two rows below.

Repeat as row 2 until you use up the whole skein of Antique.

Here is how my planned color pooling part looks like:

Argyle with a Twist Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern on myhobbyiscrochet.com

 Make sure that the last stitches of the Antique row are ending in the beige color; work the last stitch of  row till half, attach color B yarn and finish the stitch with color B. Continue with color B working in moss stitch (as row 2) until the scarf measures 57" (145 cm ). 

Cut yarn leaving a long tail that will be used to connect the ends of the scarf, transforming it into an infinity scarf. 

Joining the ends of the scarf:
Lay one side of your scarf right side up, and bring the other end of the scarf in line with it wrong side up, so that you have a twist.

Use your crochet hook to join the ends together : ch1 and slip stitch the sides together this way: work 1 sl st inserting the hook through the first ch1 space of the last row and through the two bars of the first single crochet worked around the foundation chains, *ch1, slip stitch again through both sides as written above; repeat from * until the end of the row. 

Cut yarn. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.
Argyle with a Twist Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern on myhobbyiscrochet.com

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Argyle with a Twist Infinity Scarf 
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