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Fabian's Ombré Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

Fabian's Ombré Baby Blanket is made using one of my favorite crochet stitches - the Sedge Stitch, a very easy stitch that creates a lovely texture and it works up quickly. I hope you will love it as much as I do!

Fabian's Ombré Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

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I have made this crochet baby blanket especially for my little nephew Fabian.

Crochet Baby Blanket Sedge Stitch

The ombré effect of this baby blanket is obtained without changing colors, using the new Super Saver Ombré yarn from Red Heart Yarns.  Have you already heard of it? There are 12 colors available, one prettier as the other!

The color I have used for this blanket it's called DEEP TEAL. So pretty! I really love the wonderful transitions between different shades of teal. The yarn it’s not scratchy and I thought it would make a wonderful ombré baby blanket, a lovely handmade gift that will be treasured forever.

It was a real joy to work with the ombré yarn and see how it makes all the colorwork, without me having to change colors!

Update Mai 2021: Below is a picture of this blanket 4 years after it has been crocheted! The little one wrapped in the blanket is my second nephew, Ianis, Fabian's cousin. So cute, isn't he? And the blanket is still looking beautiful!

I'm so glad that this blanket is so treasured!

Crochet Fabian's Ombre Baby Blanket

Fabian's Ombré Baby Blanket

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1. The blanket is worked lengthwise.
2.The edging is worked in the round.
3. How to join a new skein: To obtain the same ombré color sequence as with the previous ball of yarn unravel a little the new ball till you got to the color needed, then join the yarn using the Russian Join, aka Knot-Less join. (See this Video Tutorial for the Russian Join by Hectanooga on YouTube.)


Blanket measures unblocked approx. 31” x 35” ( 80cm x 90cm)

You could easily adapt the pattern to other sizes. For the length add more foundation chains as explained below, for the height add more rows.

The stitch pattern used for the blanket is the Sedge Stitch, that is a Multiple of 3 sts + 1. Add 2 sts more for base chain!
For example my blanket has ((35 sedge sts or bubbles x 3) + 1) + 2 = 105 sts + 1+ 2= 108 chains to start!


13 sts = 10 cm or 4"



- ch: chain
- sc: single crochet
- hdc: half double crochet
- dc: double crochet
- sk: skip
- st: stitch
- rep from* to...: repeat the sequence of stitches starting at the star

Special Stitch:  hdc in 3rd loop at back (used for the blanket edging): work the hdc stitches as usual, the only difference is that you will insert the hook not into the 2 top loops of the stitches, but into the loop under the back loop! See this helpful tutorial on Moogly Blog.


Chain 108.

Row 1: work (1hdc, 1dc) into 3rd ch from hook, *sk 2ch, work (1sc, 1hdc, 1dc) into next ch; rep from * to last 3ch, sk 2ch, work 1sc into last ch, turn.
You should have 35 sedge stitches.

Row 2: 1ch (count as 1sc), work (1hdc, 1dc) into first st, *sk (1dc, 1hdc), work (1sc, 1hdc, 1dc) into next sc; rep from * to last 3 sts, sk (1dc and 1hdc), work 1sc into top of ch, turn.
(35 sedge sts total)

Rows 3- 96: Repeat 2nd row.
At the end of row 96, do not break yarn, turn and continue with the border.

The Border

NOTES: The border is worked in continuous spiral rounds, without joining. To work border evenly around blanket, work 1 hdc in each st of the top row, work 1hdc in the side of each row (both right and left sides of the blanket), work 1hdc in the back of each foundation ch, and work 3 hdc in each corner!

Placing stitch markers (or yarn pieces) into the 2nd hdc of the 3 hdc worked in each corner would be a great help to keep track of the corner sts to work into the next rounds. Make this each round.

Round 1: Ch1 and work hdc evenly around blanket as written in the Note above. Do not join to first hdc with slip st! Continue working in spiral rounds around!

Rounds 2 and 3: Working into the 3rd loop at the back of the hdc sts, 1hdc into each st around and 3hdc in each corner st (where you have placed the st markers); do not join, continue with round 4.

Round 4: Working into the 3rd loop at the back of the hdc sts, 1sc into each st around and 3sc in each corner st. Cut yarn and fasten off invisibly. Weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy this pattern! For more free crochet patterns and tutorials, please visit my FREE Crochet Pattern Page!

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Fabian’s Ombré Baby Blanket
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