Go with The Flow Super Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern + Tutorial

If you follow the trend in the crochet world, you probably know that the super scarves are really hot right now! Super Scarves are regular scarves, but wider and longer as the traditional ones.

The "Go with the Flow" Super Scarf is a beautiful crochet scarf that was has a nice drape and a wonderful texture made with a combination of front and back crossed double crochet stitches.

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Worked lengthwise with a soft and chunky yarn, this scarf will be a quick project that you will love crocheting and wearing!

And an added bonus: You can make the matching Go with the Flow Hat to have a lovely crochet set for winter!

If you would preffer a lighter scarf, you could use a thinner yarn and a smaller hook size! Just make sure to adjust the width and the lenght of the scarf according to the suggestions made in the pattern below!

UPDATE MARCH 2024: I have made a Video Tutorial to show you how to crochet the stitch pattern used for the Go with the Flow Scarf! You can watch the video at the end of the written pattern below!

Go with The Flow Super Scarf

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Go with The Flow Super Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern + Tutorial


Flat measurement without blocking: approx. 9.5" [24cm] wide x 84" [215 cm] long, excluding fringe.

For a longer scarf start with more foundation chain stitches.

For a wider scarf add more rows in the pattern repeat.

Multiple: 2 (add 1 chain more for the foundation chain)


8 sc = 10 cm or 4 inches



- ch: chain
- sc: single crochet
- dc: double crochet
- st: stitch
- back bump of chains: See my picture tutorial for the back bump of chains.
- csdc: chainless starting double crochet (see link below!)

(Note: To avoid gaps on the edge, I have used the csdc instead of ch3 at the beginning of rows. If you are not familiar with the csdc, you can watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL by Moogly to learn how to do it. Or you can use the traditional ch3 if you prefer that way.)

By working the variations of the crossed double crochet stitch shown below, you will get stitches, which although crossed, are not entangled with each other. One crossed double crochet is made of 2 dc sts!

  1. Back Crossed Double Crochet(bcr dc): sk 1 st, work 1 dc into the next st, 1 dc back into skipped st going behind the last dc just made, so as not to catch it, inserting the hook from front to back of the work.

How to crochet the Back Cross Double Crochet - Tutorial on

  • Front Crossed Double Crochet (fcr dc): sk 1 st, work 1 dc into the next st, 1 dc back into skipped st going in front of the last dc just made so as not to catch it, inserting the hook into the skipped stitch from back to front of the work.
  • How to crochet the Front Cross Double Crochet - Tutorial on

    As you can see in the picture no.4 of the photo collage above, when alternating a row of back cross double crochet (row 3) with a row of front cross double crochet (row 4), you get a braid kind of look (when rotating the scarf to the vertical).
    If you work correctly, the fcrdc sts should align with the bcrdc sts!

    Note: For joinining a new skein of yarn, I have used the Russian Joining Method without a visible knot.


    Start with 173 chains.

    Row 1: Work entire row into the back bump of starting chains: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and 1 sc in each ch across. (172 sc)

    Row 2: ch1 (does not count as a st), turn; 1 sc in first sc and 1 sc in each sc across. (172 sc)

    Row 3: (back cross double crochet row): ch 3 or csdc (will count as the first dc), turn, 1 dc in next sc, work bcrdc sts across the row to the last 2 sts, ending the row with 1 dc into each of the last 2 sts.

    (You will have 84 crossed sts total between 2 dc sts at the beginning and 2 dc at the end of the row.)

    Row 4 (front crossed double crochet row): ch 3 or csdc (count as first dc), turn, 1 dc in next sc, work fcrdc sts across the row to the last 2 sts, ending the row with 1 dc into each of the last 2 sts.

    (You will have 84 crossed sts total between 2 dc sts at the beginning and 2 dc at the end of the row.)

    Rows 5 - 6 (single crochet rows): ch 1, turn, 1 sc into same st and 1 sc in each st across the row. (172 sc)

    Rows 7- 18: repeat rows 3 - 6.
    Basically you will alternate 2 rows of single crochet sts with 1 row of back cross sts + 1 row of front cross sts, ending with 2 rows of sc sts.
    Fasten off. Weave in the ends.

    Adding fringe:
    Cut lengths of yarn 15" (38 cm) long. Taking 2 strands together, knot into fringe evenly across each end of scarf.
    I have added 13 knots this way: 1 knot on the edge for each double crochet row, and 1 knot in the middle of 2 sc rows.
    Trim fringe evenly.

    Watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL below to learn how to crochet this scarf:

    If you can't watch the video here, you can watch it on YouTube also!

    I hope you enjoy this pattern! Don't forget to check the matching Go with the Flow Hat!

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    "Go with The Flow" Super Scarf   - Written Instructions and Pictures 
    Copyright 2016 Kinga Erdem
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    Thank you!

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    1. Thanks a lot sharing this beautiful pattern with us and even letting us to sell our own work! I made two scarves with this pattern, they both are beautiful. I really like that kind of patterns, I learned a lot. So, thanks again and happy crochetty days everyone!

      1. Hi, You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern!

    2. Wish I could share with you how easy this beautiful scarf is, and how beautiful it comes out. Your pattern is so easy to follow and the links add so much! I really am more of a beginner/intermediate self-taught crocheter, but I made it in a day for a friend who is going through some terrible stuff and it lifted her up and brought a smile to her face!
      Thank you for sharing. <3

      1. Hi,I'm very glad that you enjoyed the pattern and that your friend was happy with her gift. You're welcome! All the best to you and your friend!

    3. Is this a "scoodie"? It seems to be from the photo; however, from the instructions, I cannot tell. I'm going to make a scoodie for a friend's niece for Christmas.

      1. It's not a scoodie! It's a wider and longer scarf. Plus a matching hat.

    4. hello,
      I am trying to make a youtube channel of crocheting. so could I copy these designs for instructions ( video tutorial) and obviously I will link the bog

      1. Hi! Thanks for asking, but no, you are not allowed to make video tutorials for my patterns! Thanks for understanding!

    5. Is there a printable version of the pattern?

      1. Hi Jenny! Take a look at the sharing buttons below the pattern! If you click on the right green sharing button, you will have more sharing options. Between them is "Print Friendly". Click on that and it will transform the pattern into pdf or you can print it out. If you select the unwanted images/text you can delete them and only print what you need.
        I hope this helps!

    6. Could I start with a chain less single crochet foundation stitch instead of the chain and single crochet?

      1. You could try a small swatch and see how it works. I think it will stretch out a bit.

    7. Thank you. Easy pattern - beautiful scarf!!! Now for the matching hat.

    8. So on the third row, you chain 3, then dc into the first stitch, dc into the next stitch, and then you begin the pattern for the back cross double cross? Because the way the pattern reads is that you chain 3, turn, dc into the first stitch, skip the next stitch, dc into the next stich and come back to the first skipped stitch to start the back cross double crochet. But then you put in parentheses that you should have 2 double crochets in each of the first and last 2 stitches, which the pattern doesn't mention. I ask because I keep ending up with one less stitch than needed when I'm working my front cross double crochets on the 4th row.

      1. Yes, Sophie- you are correct that following the pattern as it is written does not work out correctly. If you have an even-numbered amount of stitches at the base and follow the written instructions: starting with a chain 3/csdc (counts as first dc), then one dc; bcr until the last 2 stitches- that would require and ODD numbered amount of stitches in the base row to come out. Glad someone else saw this as I kept staring at it for a while a little confused until I decided to read the comments. Hope this helps! Peace

      2. Did you ever figure this out? No matter what I do I end up with 85 crossed sts between 2 DC and she says you're only supposed to have 84. I can't wrap my head around it.

    9. I have used your pattern more times than I can almost recall now. This scarf is my go to for a sweet quick gift and EVERYONE loves it. Thank you for making the pattern so easy to follow! I recently made one with two cables only with 4 rows of sc between and it turned out beautifully. Thanks again!

    10. I would love to make this scarf for a friend, but she only gave me two skeins of yarn. Total yardage 218 yards. Would I be able to make it shorter? If so, how many should I chain to begin the scarf? Thank you!

    11. I love the Go with the Flow scarf. I can’t find the directions to add the part that covers one’s head. Can you please tell me where I might find these directions.

      1. Hi, the pattern is just for the scarf. It doesn't has a hood. There is a hat pattern to match the scarf here:

    12. This may seem like a stupid question; however, I need ask it. I am on the 3 row and have done it 3 times now (with 2 dc At beginning to end and always get 85 crosses vs the 84 you state. I have counted (more than once my precious stitches and get the 172 stitches required. Maybe I am not starting the maybe I am not starting the 2 DC At beginning correctly? Before I tried this for the 4 th time, I put in 2 birdcage and then counts how many I’d have and it still comes up 85. I’ve trie to find a video for this pattern and cannot find it. I really love this pattern but am getting real frustrated. Thanks a bunch!

    13. There should be 2 dc at the beginning and end. 172 minus 4 is 168, halved is 84. One of the dc at the beginning is the chain less dc.