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Five Point Pinwheel Motif - Free Pattern with Tutorial - Guest Contributor Post

This free pinwheel crochet pattern is brought to you by our guest blogger Nicole Cormier from TunisianCrochet.net.

Five Point Pinwheel Motif - Free Pattern with Tutorial
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Five Point Pinwheel Motif

This is a simple motif for anyone looking to try their hand at Tunisian Entrelac.
By pivoting your work and beginning each square on the side of the one just made, you can work around in a circle and create interesting pinwheel motifs using any number of entrelac blocks. In this post, I have made stars using five blocks. The more blocks you make in a pinwheel, the less flat it will be. Five seems to be a good number.
Here are some ideas for this motif:
  • Join at the points to create an interesting openwork afghan or wrap. 
  • Make a single motif using cotton worsted weight yarn and a 5.0mm hook for a sturdy heat pad. 
  • Use the same cotton yarn and a 6.0mm hook to make a looser pinwheel for use as a dishcloth. 
  • Use a large hook, such as a 10.0mm or greater and worsted weight yarn to make an afghan out of one motif that has a soft drape. This makes a great last minute baby gift. I made one, shown in this post, as a baby blanket.
Experiment with hooks, yarns, and stitch patterns.
 An open pattern such as Eyelet Lace with a hook that is large for the chosen yarn will create an open fabric with fabulous drape.

Five Point Pinwheel Motif - Free Pattern with Tutorial

Tunisian knit stitch (TKS) will produce a tighter pinwheel with lots of curl to block out.

Five Point Pinwheel Motif - Free Pattern with Tutorial

The Honeycomb Stitch is one of my favourites because it softens up the colour transitions in self-striping yarns and will lay pretty flat on its own with minimal blocking.

Five Point Pinwheel Motif - Free Pattern with Tutorial


In this example I am working over 6 stitches and 6 rows in Tunisian simple stitch (TSS) with a 6.0mm hook and #2 Acrylic
Starting block:
Chain 6, flip the chain. Working in the back bumps and starting with the second chain from the hook, pick up 6 loops on the hook. Work a standard return pass.
Rows 2-6: work TSS in forward pass and a standard return pass. Bind off. Do not break yarn. Pivot work.
Five Point Pinwheel Motif - Free Pattern with Tutorial

Second block:
Pick loops down side edge of block until there are 6 loops on the hook. Continue as for first block.

Third and fourth blocks:
Work as second block.

Last block:
Work as previously established, except that at the end of each row you will work into the side edge of the first block to pick up an extra loop. Your return pass will be:
YO, pull through two loops across.
Work BO and weave in ends.
 Nicole Cormier is the designer behind TunisianCrochet.net.
She loves crochet, cats, and coffee. When she's not tangled up in yarn, she works in a salon making pretty nails and eyebrows.

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