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Colour Block Scarf - Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern | Guest Contributor Post

This is a simple colour block scarf made using the technique of the Tunisian crochet, worked from the centre outwards. It is a nice change from always working in TSS (Tunisian simple stitch) and is a good next step for someone who wants to play with colour and stitching a bit.

Colour Block Scarf  -  Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern  was designed by Nicole Cormier from TunisianCrochet.net exclusively for My Hobby is Crochet Blog. 

The scarf is urban and contemporary. The corded pattern is easy to work and interesting to look at. 
I wanted to make something that had clean lines and could be worn with different outfits. 
The colours I chose are a monochromatic palette of neutral greys with a splash of wine for pizzaz.

Colour Block Scarf  -  Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

Color Block Scarf Free Pattern

Materials used:
- 6 mm Tunisian hook
- darning needle for weaving in ends
- 1 skein each of Einband Lopi Lace Weight Yarn (50g/250m) in: Grey Heather, Dark Grey Heather, Black Heather, and Cardinal (or colours of your choice)

not exact, but it is a scarf and the gauge will change with wear. After blocking, 40 sts = 32 cm

Stitches, Terms and Abbreviations used: 
TSS - Tunisian Simple Stitch
Tks - Tunisian Knit Stitch
YO - yarn over
rep: repeat

Special Stitch: 
The Corded Stitch:
Forward pass: Chain 1, *insert hook into next stitch as if to do Tunisian Knit Stitch (Tks), YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through one loop; rep from * across row.

Return pass: YO, pull through one loop, *YO and pull through two loops; rep from * across row.

Colour Block Scarf Pattern:

  • First half of scarf:
Foundation Row:
With colour of choice, chain 40. Flip the chain and working in the back bumps, draw up a loop in the second chain from the hook and each chain across. 40 loops on hook. Return pass: YO, pull through one loop, *YO and pull through two loops; rep from * across row.

Foundation row and first row of pattern worked. For better imaging, a worsted weight yarn in a light colour has been used in demonstration photographs.

Working in Corded Stitch Pattern, work scarf until twenty rows have been completed, including foundation row. Switch to next colour and work 20 rows. Continue making colour blocks with the other two colours in the same fashion. Work a normal TSS bind off.
  • Second half of scarf:
With right side facing and starting colour, pick up 40 loops on the hook in the original foundation chain. Work as first half of scarf. Bind off after all colour blocks have been worked, and weave in ends. 

In this example, some rows have been worked in pattern, and the stitches for the second half of the scarf have been picked up along the original foundation chain. 

Mist lightly with water, pin scarf to a length of 202cm by 32cm, and let dry.

I hope you enjoy your Color Block Scarf! 

My name is Nicole Cormier and I'm a Canadian hooker who can be found at TunisianCrochet.net and TunisianCrochetChick on Facebook. I love crochet, cats, and coffee. When I'm not tangled up in yarn, I work in a salon making pretty nails and eyebrows.

You can find me on the following social media:


Many thanks to Nicole for this sharing this pretty pattern!

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