Crochet Health Survey: How Crochet Heals? Please Participate!

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I am honored to have as guest blogger today Kathryn Vercillo, book author and blogger at Crochet Concupiscence! She is making an important survey to found out how crochet is helping to improve the quality of our lives.
Please take a few minutes to read about Kathryn and help support the craft of crochet by contributing your responses to this new survey! Thank you very much!

„Hello! My name is Kathryn. Kinga is generously giving me the space here to guest post and introduce you to myself and the new survey that I've created to help us all better understand how crochet is healing people. I hope you'll find the survey interesting and consider participating!

I am a San Francisco based crochet lover and writer who blogs at Crochet Concupiscence.
I learned to crochet from my mom as a child but I really immersed myself in the craft in my late twenties when I was coping with a debilitating bout of chronic depression. Crochet was one of the main things that helped me heal and get through that time. It paused my ruminating thoughts, lifted my spirit, relaxed my mind and body and helped me to feel creative and productive again during one of the darkest spells of my life!

In 2012 I published a book called Crochet Saved My Life. In it I share my own story of crafting through depression. I also interviewed two dozen other women who shared how crochet helped them to heal from both physical and mental health issues. I found it inspiring to see how many people were using the craft to get them through tough times.
I read through all of the available research to gain insight about how crochet helps people. The existing research is great and I'm glad it's out there. But it's not enough! Studies exploring the benefits of crafting have lumped crochet with other crafts and therapies so they only give us a glimpse at how it's helping. Furthermore they haven't looked broadly at the many symptoms relieved by the craft, the ways people are using crochet to improve quality of life and the extent to which the healing is happening.
I've created my new survey to learn theses things!

I'll be doing an in-depth analysis of the survey results. I'll publish a full report along with additional materials so that we can all gain insight into the ways that crochet helps.
My hope is that this will help both individuals and institutions to better understand how we can use crochet to better our lives. The more responses I get to the survey, the better that understanding will be, so I'd love to have you participate!“

Please click on the link bellow to take the survey now, or read more about it from the Press Release!

Crochet Health Survey: How Crochet Heals

Thank you so much Kathryn for your awesome mission and thank you dear readers for taking the survey!

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