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How to Crochet into The Back Bumps of Chains - Crochet Tutorial

No more sloppy edges! Did you know that if you'll work into the back bumps behind the foundation chains, the starting edge of your crochet piece will have a nice, finished look?

For the projects crocheted in rows, I'm always working the first row inserting the hook into the back bumps of chains! With this little trick, the edges look so much better!

But what is the Back Bump Behind the Chain?
Let's make some chains; don't work tight! Now see the starting chain from the front! Notice the front and the back loop of the chain stitches. No, we will not work into those!

The Back Bump Behind the Chain - Crochet Tutorial

Turn your foundation chains! Below is the back view of the starting chain. Notice the strands running through the center of the stitches! These are the back bumps of the chain stitches!

The Back Bump Behind the Chain - Crochet Tutorial

Let's make a row of single crochet stitches worked into the back bump of chains, starting with the back bump of the second chain from hook.

The Back Bump Behind the Chain - Crochet Tutorial

You can see that the bottom edge looks the same as the top of the single crochet stitches! So much nicer than working into the back loops of the chains!

The Back Bump Behind the Chain - Crochet Tutorial

The Back Bump Behind the Chain - Crochet Tutorial

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!
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  1. Thanks for the advise. I'll have to try it. The beginning line of crochet always bothers me. Hopefully, this will work for me to.

  2. It takes me way too long to get the hook into that back bump so have never bothered as row 1 is usually the row everyone wants to get done with fast. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort

    1. I always work into the back bumps! It gives such a nice, clean, finished look. It's well worth it for me.

  3. How do you winch the top of hat to finish the project.