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How to make a tassel - A step by step tutorial

Tassel are great ornaments for garments, hats, draperies, pillows, purses, even jewelry like earrings, etc... They are quick to make and don't need much yarn! I will show you how to make them!

how to make a tassel

- yarn/thread of your choice (1, 2 or 3 colors)
- a pair of scissors
- a hardcover book/cardboard (I used a wooden baby book!)
- a crochet hook.

how you need to make a tassel
What you'll need!

Let's start:

1. Wrap yarn around the book/cardboard 10-12 times if you use only one color.
If you want a multicolor tassel, combine 2 color yarns, hold the strands together and wrap them at the same time 5- 6 times, like in the photo collage bellow. Knot the ends to make your work easier.


making a tassel

b) I also tried wrapping the yarns separately, one after another for other color effect, like in the collage bellow, but it is much practical to wrap the yarns together, at the same time. (like in the option a)

How to make a tassel - A step by step tutorial

2. Cut a piece of yarn and with the help of your crochet hook, pull it under the wrapped yarns, then tie a double knot in the center.
tassel step by step

3. Turn your book with the back side facing you and cut in the center of the wrapped yarns.

Now separate the tassel from the book and fold the fringe of the tassel in half, around the knot. (Untie the knot/knots made to secure your work in the step 1.)
tassel photo tutorial

4. To make the head of the tassel, cut a longer piece of yarn and wrap firmly a few times around the tassel, circa 1,5-2 cm from the top of the folded fringe. Make a double knot.

How to make a tassel - A step by step tutorial

5. Using the crochet hook, hide the ends of the knot inside the fringe. Trim your tassel with the scissors for a nice, even look.

How to make a tassel - A step by step tutorial

I have used the bi-colored tassel to embellish a ladybug bookmark. See my post 5 Free Crochet Bookmarks your kids will love!

Happy Crafting,

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