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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sparkle Ruby Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern | Red Heart Joy Creators "Christmas in July" Blog Hop

The Sparkle Ruby Cowl pattern is my contribution to the Red Heart Joy Creators Christmas in July Blog Hop.  I love the wonderful texture, the elegance and softness of this cowl. I hope you will love it as much as I do!

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Many thanks to Red Heart Yarns for sponsoring the yarn used for this project! 

Sparkle Ruby Cowl

The cowl is worked sideways in rows, then the sides are joined together to form a round cowl.

The main pattern stitch, the zig-zag will turn into V cables when the pieced is rotated to 180°.
The pattern stitch is not reversible, although pretty on both sides of the work.

Size: 26 cm high and 36 cm wide (29 cm wide at ribbing)

Materials used:
- 2 skeins of Red Heart Sparkle Soft Yarn-Really Red (yarn weight: worsted 4)
You will only use a small amount from the 2nd skein.
- 5.5 mm crochet hook (shown in pictures Furls Wooden Hook, Cocobolo)
- yarn needle
- scissors

Stitches, Terms (US) and Abbreviations used:
- ch: chain
- hdc: half double crochet
- dc: double crochet
- sl st : slip stitch
- sk: skip
- yo: yarn over
- st: stitch
- [.....]  -  repeat the sequence of stitches between the brackets the number of times indicated in the pattern

Special Stitches:
dtr: double treble crochet= yo 3 times, insert hook in the st indicated, yo, draw loop through, [yo, draw through 2 loops on hook] 4 times.
Watch this Video Tutorial on Annie’s.

Hdc in 3rd loop at front: work the hdc stitches as usual, the only difference is that you will insert the hook not into the 2 top loops of the stitches, but into the loop under the front loop!

In the first image of the photo collage below, you can see the top of the stitch: back and front loop.

In the second image you can see the 3rd loop, below the front loop where to work the hdc sts.

   3rd hidden loop under front loop.jpg
Watch this Video Tutorial by Maggie’s Crochet to learn how to crochet the hdc in 3rd loop at the front!

The hdc in 3rd loop at the front will be used to create the ribbing.

Gauge: is not critical for this project, but 4 pattern repeats (the zig-zag pattern worked with dtr) in the row = approx. 10 cm (4”)

If you would like a longer cowl, add more sts multiple of 4. For a wider cowl, work more rows.

Cowl Pattern:

Chain 39.
Row 1 (right side of work) : 1hdc in 2sc ch from hook and 1 hdc in each of next 4 ch, [sk next 3ch, 1dtr in next ch, work behind the dtr just made 1dc in each of the 3 skipped chains] 7 times, 1 hdc in each of next 5 ch.

Note: To have a nice overall look, please use a constant tension when working the dtr stitches. I have found it works best when having the loop on the hook tight and also doing the yo 3 times tight.

 Click on the images to see them bigger!

Row 2 (wrong side): ch1, turn, 1hdc in 3rd loop at front of each of next 5 hdc, [sk next 3 dc, 1dtr in next st, work in front of the dtr just made 1dc in each of the 3 skipped dc] 7 times, 1hdc in 3rd loop at front of each of next 4 hdc, ending with 1 hdc in top of last hdc.
(Using both top loops of last hdc st will prevent having holes at the edge).

Row 3 (right side of work) : ch1, turn, 1hdc in 3rd loop at front in each of next 5 hdc, [sk next 3 dc, 1dtr in next st, work behind the dtr just made 1dc in each of the 3 skipped dc] 7 times, 1hdc in 3rd loop at front in each of next 4 hdc, ending with 1 hdc in top of last hdc. 

Rows 4 - 52: Repeat rows 2 and 3, being careful always on the right side to work behind the dtr and on the wrong side in front of the dtr. 

The last row will be worked on the wrong side (as row 2), so that when joined together, the first and last row of the cowl will create a zig- zag  (or V when turned 180°).
Fasten off leaving a long tail that will be used to join the short edges of the cowl.

Joining the short edges of cowl:
Turn the piece on the wrong side and fold it in half, so that the foundation chain meets the last row.
I have used my crochet hook to join the edges, but if you prefer, you can sew them together with the mattress stitch.

This is how I made with the crochet hook:
Chain 1.
On the wrong side slip stitch the short sides together this way: Insert the hook through the first chain of the foundation chain and through the front loop of corresponding st on the other side. Yarn over and draw through all loops on hook. Continue the same way along the side.
Cut yarn, fasten off and weave in the ends.

That's it! Admire your beautiful cowl! :)

Be sure to follow along with our Blog Hop this month for more pretty patterns! You can find the schedule here: Joy Creators Christmas in July Schedule.

UPDATE 07/30/2016:
Check out the matching Sparkle Ruby Slouch!

Sparkle Ruby Cowl
Pattern & pictures © 2016 Kinga Erdem. 

This pattern is free for you to use, you can sell the products of your work, a link back to my blog would be appreciated. 
Please don't repost the pattern itself to any other sites, but please share the link to the pattern if you want to share the pattern with your friends. You may not give away copies of this pattern. 
Do not make video tutorials or translate my pattern in other languages without my written consent!

Thank you.

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