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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Short Row Circle in Tunisian Crochet - How to | Guest Contributor Post on My Hobby is Crochet Blog

By working short rows in Tunisian Crochet, a wedge can be created. When these wedges are
made on top of each other, a circular shape is created.

Learn how to crochet a Tunisian Short Row Circle in this contributor post brought to you by Nicole Cormier from Tunisian CrochetNet.

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The two short row circular motifs (the center piece of the projects shown above) are both created the same way. The difference is that the one created in Tunisian simple stitch (on the left)  has six wedges and the one created in Tunisian knit stitch (on the right) has eight wedges.

The reason for this is that the Tunisian knit stitch will produce a tighter gauge/smaller stitch. In order to create a circular motif that does not pull on itself, two extra wedges are needed. An eight wedge circle in Tunisian simple stitch will be puffy and ruffled.

How to crochet a Tunisian Short Row Circle:
First wedge:
For practice, chain 10 and work a six wedge circle in Tunisian simple stitch. Really, you can
chain any amount. The size of the chain determines the length of the wedge.

 Pick up a loop in the second chain from the hook.

Return row: Yarn over, pull through one loop, yarn over, pull through two loops across.
Pick up stitches in the vertical bar and the end stitch; 3 loops on the hook. Pick up a loop in the next chain. 
Work a standard return row.

Work like this until all 10 stitches have been picked up. Work a standard return pass. 

Wedges 2­-6:
Repeat as for first wedge, except you will be picking up the stitches in the last row of the
previous wedge instead of a foundation chain.
Bind off the last row of the last wedge and leave a tail for sewing the circle together. Weave in
the ends.

Some ways to use this motif:
  • Cushion cover:
In these example, a six wedge circle was used as the centre starting point for Tunisian
entrelac to produce an accent cushion cover. Regular single crochet worked in the round and
decreased evenly each round was worked on the bottom side. Stuff with polyfill before closing
off. The pillow was worked with worsted weight acrylic and a 6.0mm hook.

  • Entrelac Beret:
 An eight wedge circle was used as the centre point of an entrelac beret worked in Tunisian knit
stitch. The beret was worked with a 6.0mm hook. The ribbing band was worked as fpdc/bpdc
with a 4.0mm hook, using Alafoss Lopi.

  • Afghan: 
In the last picture, heavy worsted fisherman's wool was worked with an 8.0mm hook over 40
stitches to produce the centre point for what will become an afghan. It measures about 60cm

Other ideas:
● Make wedge circles and sew them together for an afghan, scarf, or wrap.
● Make small motifs with fingering weight yarn and alternate red and white yarn to create
“Christmas candy” tree ornaments ­ or, sew them together to form a garland.
● A half circle motif could be a rising sun appliqué on a blanket.
● A quarter circle motif could be the heel in a Christmas stocking tree decoration.
● A motif made with cotton yarn could be trimmed with crochet shells and used as a hot

Many thanks to Nicole for this sharing this tutorial with our readers!

Nicole Cormier is the designer and blogger behind TunisianCrochet.net.
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