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Monday, October 6, 2014

Enrol in Amazing Crochet Textures, a Free Craftsy Class from The Crochet Dude

Maybe you already know that I'm a big fan of Craftsy classes. I have already completed a few of their classes, and I'm still enrolled in some others!
The fun part with Craftsy classes is that you can watch/ re-watch them anytime, anywhere; after registration on Craftsy's site, your access will never expire!

I really enjoyed the FREE „mini“ Class Amazing Crochet Textures from the famous Drew Emborsky, known as the Crochet Dude. Drew is one of the world's best instructors, bringing you a high quality class, which is easy to follow and understand.

Craftsy Classes are user friendly and easy to navigate!
When you watch the videos, on top of the screen you will find 6 tabs: 
Lessons, Materials, Notes, Projects, My Activity and All Discussions.
1) Lessons
The „Amazing Crochet Textures Class“ is divided in 4 HD video lessons.
In less than an hour you will learn:
  • how to crochet the chainless foundation double crochet
  • front and back post double crochet stitches and how to combine them to make gorgeous cables
  • measuring your gauge
  • how to read crochet charts to simplify your crocheting
  • adding beads as you go, without pre-stranding them
  • how to block textured crochet squares
  • joining squares as you go with a beautiful interlocking edging to make a 12 - square afghan as pictured below.
Photo Credit: Craftsy
The 30 seconds repeat feature of the videos is really great!

2) Materials
In this tab you can find a link to purchase the yarn kit to make the afghan and also the following 
Downloadable Class Materials :
- the  pattern for the afghan, available as written instructions and crochet charts,
- a metric conversion guide for hook sizes and yarn weights.
The afghan is made of 3 types of textured squares. I was very pleased that the charts were available!
I used them especially for the square B and C, that are a little more challenging. With the help of the charts, I could exactly see where to place each stitch.

Here are squares A and B made by myself:

After working a few rows on square C, I thought it would look great as beaded boot cuff.

3) Notes – you will find all the notes you made for the class.
I really love the „Add a note“ feature! It is so useful! If you make notes while watching a video, you can play the video exactly from the spot you made a note, without losing time searching.

See how to add a note in the image below!
Here are my own notes made for this class! Just by clicking on the small clock icon, I could review the spot I wanted.

4) Projects
In the Projects tab, you can see all the projects shared by your classmates.
I always find it very inspiring seeing all the colors and layouts of the projects shared in the classes.
You can add your own pictures by clicking on the „Add a project to this class“ tab on the right of the screen.

5) My activity:
see all your pictures, questions and replies to your questions.
The interactivity is another great thing I love about Craftsy classes! The community is very helpful and there will be always someone who can answer your questions. In their paid classes, the instructors will join the discussions.

6) All discussions: here you can find all class discussions made by students for each lesson.

It was a really nice class, I have learned new techniques, such as the interlocking joining of the squares and adding beads as you go.
I 'm sure I will apply them in my future patterns!

I really recommend this free class to you! Don't miss it! I'm sure you will love it as much as I did!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, paid by Craftsy! All the opinions are my own! For more info, please review my Disclosure!
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