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Friday, November 15, 2013

Curlicues - Crochet Charts and Written Instructions by Kinga E., Video Tutorial by Bobwilson123

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These crochet curlicues  are a pretty way to embellish your hats, but not only! You can use them for scarfs, toys, blanket edgings, the choice it's yours. One of the projects i used the curlicues for, was the Gum Drop Earflap.

You can crochet each curlicue separate (see Chart 1), or you can crochet more curlicues on the go, without cutting the yarn for each curlicue (the Curlicue Salad), in this case all the curlicues will slip stitch into a beginning magic ring. (see Chart 2)

Pattern for one curlicue: chain 25 (or more chains for a longer curlicue), turn and make 3 sc in second chain from the hook and 3 sc in each chain remained. Roll the curlicue into shape.

Charted pattern for one curlicue:
Crochet curlicue charted pattern/ Diagrama/ Grafico resortes, rolitos a crochet
Chart 1

Written Instructions- Curlicue Salad 

You can make your curlicue salad in one color, or you can alternate the colors after each curlicue, slip stitching through the magic ring with other color.
Pattern: Begin with a magic ring, *chain 25 (or more chains if you want the curlicues longer), return and make 3 sc in the second chain from hook and 3 sc in each chain remained. Slip stitched into the magic ring with other color yarn*.  
Repeat from * to *, always alternating the colors.  Pull yarn tail to close the magic ring. Form the curlicue shape, rolling them in spiral.

See also the Video Tutorial made by Clare of Bobwilson 123 On Youtube below! 

Charted pattern of the Curlicue Salad: 

Crochet curlicues charted and written pattern. Resortes en crochet con grafico

Chart 2

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PS: This charts  was made thanks to the generosity of an awesome lady, Rachelle Herron, who was so kind to donate me the Stitch Works Software, that she won in a giveaway, so that I can design the charted version of my patterns.
A great lady and a great crocheter! You can take a look at her creations on her Facebook Page Rachelle's Hand Crocheted Treasures, she would love your visit!
Thank you very much Rachelle for making one of my dreams come true! :)
From now on, many of my patterns will be international, because the crochet charts are the international language of crochet.
Happy crochet,
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