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Octopus Curly cue - Embellishment for hats- Free Written& Charted Pattern

     How to crochet a curly cue embellishment

Crochet hat with curlie cue embellishment
Octopus Curly Cue

octopus curly cue crochet

The Octopus Curly Q  it is worked in one piece.
 It looks cute as embellishment for babies/children hats! :)
In the picture bellow you'll find the Chart for the Curly Q, chart that i designed in the Free  Photo Editor Pixlr. Click to enlarge!

Materials used:
- chunky yarn. If you use a finer yarn, make 3 or 4 single crochet in each chain along.
- here 4,5 mm hook size;
- tapestry needle to sew in the loose ends and to sew the Curly Q embellishment on your hat.

  • You can try to make a colorful octopus by using more colors of yarn and alternate the color after each Curly Q, as i made for the "Crochet Earflap Hat Gum Drops".

  • If you want to make the Curly Q longer, you just have to add more chain stitches and follow the pattern.
  • The pattern uses US crochet terms.
Stitches and abbreviations used:
sc- single crochet
slst- slip stitch
magic ring

Make a magic ring.
*Ch 21, 2sc in the 2.rd ch from hook and 2sc in every chain remained, slst in the magic ring*. ( 40sc) 
The first Curly Q it is finished.

For the next Curly Q's repeat from *to* 7 times more.
(8 Curly Q's total)

Close the magic ring tight, knot and secure, leaving a long tail for sewing the octopus on the top of the hat.
Roll the curlicue in shape. Sew in the lose ends.

The hat in the first pictures it is made using a free pattern found on Ravelry, Newborn side to side hat and made changes to fit my baby girl.

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