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Sassy Lace Scrunchie - Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial

Hair Scrunchies are making a comeback nowadays.

My little girls asked me if I could make some for them. Heres is what I came up with! :) I hope you will love them as much as we do!

Crochet Sassy Lace Hair Scrunchies

*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through these links. Thank you! The yarn was provided by Red Heart Yarns. Crochet Hook provided by Furls Crochet.

Looking through my yarn stash I found some Sassy Lace yarn that waited for the right project!

Finally I had an idea how to use it: I will make lace hair scrunchies crocheted around an elastic!
So cute for the little ones! ♥ And not only!

hair scrunchie crocheted with sassy lace

These Sassy Lace Scrunchies are quick and easy to crochet and in no time you can easily make lots of them.

Yes, that’s right! I have used a crochet hook to make these scrunchies! There is no sewing at all involved!
The Sassy Lace yarn has holes woven into the top edge, so it can be easily crocheted though.

Although this “yarn” from Red Heart Yarn is being discontinued, you can still find limited quantites available on Amazon.
Or maybe you have it in your stash not knowing what to do with it!

Here is another scrunchie made the same way using Sassy Fabric, Pink Dots!

Sassy Fabric Hair Scrunchie crocheted

Let’s bust that yarn stash and make some scrunchies! They are very fast and easy to do! In no time you can wipe up some lovely handmade gifts!


Crochet Sassy Lace Hair Scrunchie

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crochet hair scrunchies


At first sight, the instructions to make these lace scrunchies might sound complicated, but if you watch the video at the bottom of this post , you will see that it’s quite easy to make them!


STEP 1: Insert hook from front to back into first loop on Sassy lace,
then from back to front into next loop;
Pull first loop through the 2nd loop of Sassy lace.

Take an elastic hair tie;
STEP 2: Insert hook from back to front around the elastic,
then from front to back into 1 next Sassy loop and from back to front into 2nd next Sassy loop.
Pull first Sassy loop through the 2nd Sassy loop, then throu the 3rd. Sassy loop on the hook.

STEP 3: Having the elastic in front of the working lace, insert hook from front to back into 1 next Sassy loop and from back to front into 2nd next Sassy loop.
Pull first Sassy loop through the 2nd Sassy loop, then around the elastic and throu the last Sassy loop on the hook.

STEP 4: Having the working lace in front of the elastic, repeat as STEP 2!

Continue working in this manner around the elastic, repeating Steps 3 and 2 until the elastic is fully covered and your scrunchie is fluffie enough. For reference I have crocheted 12 times around the elastic.


When you’re satisfied with the way your scrunchie looks like, cut Sassy Lace leaving one more loop at the end. Insert hook from front to back into last loop and pull it throu the loop on your hook, then pull the end though to finish off.
Double Knot the 2 ends of Sassy Lace together! Bring the scrunchie in shape, if needed cut from the knotted ends to have the same height as the rest of the scrunchie.
And you’re finished!


If you can't see the video tutorial above, you can Watch it on YouTube here!

I hope you enjoy this pattern!

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Sassy Lace Scrunchie
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  1. omgoodness! easy peasy and so cute!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it! It's really easy and fast to do! :)

  2. Beautiful. I love all your patterns.

    1. Thank you so much Yvonne! I'm very glad you enjoy my patterns! :)

  3. LOVE SCRUNCHIE PATTERNS! Need the yarn and odd i go!

  4. Hi Kinga, I love this lightweight lace scrunchie ♥ Thank you for linking up at our weekly Link Party! You are being featured at our Wednesday Party #391 this week. The post will be live on March 24, 2021. Here’s the direct link to the post in case you’d like to share your feature:

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