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Baby Booties with Ribbed Cuff - a Free Crochet Pattern Review

Hi dear crochet friends, I took a long break from crochet and blogging because of health issues. I'm finally feeling a bit better and wanted to win back the joy of crocheting by making something small and cute.

I have decided for these baby booties, a free crochet pattern by Bernat Design Studio found on Yarnspirations (link at the end of this post).

Baby Booties with Ribbed Cuff - Free Crochet Pattern Review

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I have really enjoyed working these booties!

The construction of the booties was quite unusual for me. All the booties I have made before were worked either toe-up or started with the soles.

These are started at the ribbed cuff, continued with the instep, then the sides, followed by the sole at the end.

Supplies: I have used a local cotton yarn (approx. 50 g total). The pattern calls for Bernat Handycrafter Cotton and a 4 mm crochet hook

Size: My booties are measuring 9 cm from toe to heel.
In the pattern are following sizes available: 3 mos (6 mos-12mos)

In the original pattern, the ribbed cuff it’s worked using one solid color, in pretty pastels. I hope you will like my variation also. :)

Working the cuff in 2 colors, made it easier for me to count the rows. Each stripe is made of 2 rows, I have made 6 green and 6 pink stripes as shown below. (The first stripe, the green one, is made of foundation chain and one row of sc.)

Get the Bernat Baby Booties Free Crochet Pattern HERE!

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  1. I have clicked onto everything I can see and still NO pattern...........If you would like to give the pattern a try, you can get the Free Crochet Pattern for these booties HERE!...........I found NO pattern when I clicked on what you wrote.. SO.....where is the FREE pattern for the cute booties?????????

    1. Hi, it seems that the Yarnspirations site changed the link, ones they updated their site.

    2. I have updated the link! Thanks for letting me know!