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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Furls Limited Edition of Black and White Ebony Crochet Hooks

For Valentine's Day Furls has just released a special, limited edition of 300 luxury crochet hooks, the Black and White Ebony Hooks, a truly collector’s item!

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As part of this special promotion, Furls will donate 33% of all proceeds to Trees for the Future to support reforestation and sustainable forestry, so at least 3 trees will be planted for each hook sold.

These brilliant, dual-toned Black and White Ebony hooks have a luxurious look and feel to them!

This type of wood has been cherished for centuries by royal families all over the world.
The Kings of Ancient India chose this wood (instead of gold) to make their royal scepters. Archaeologists found hundreds of Black & White Ebony statues buried in Egyptian Pharaohs' tombs - alongside piles of gold and jewels.

Ancient Greek doctors crafted chalices out of Ebony because of its mystical healing powers.

For FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world use the CODE: ValentinesHooks when you checkout! Hurry, they are selling out fast!

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