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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crochet letters applique and a new look for a kids armchair

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Crochet letters and a new look for an old kids armchair

All the supplies used for this project was sponsored by Wholeport:
1. Flannelette, 1 yard; 
2. Embroidery Floss,  almost 1 floss for each letter;
3. CrossEmbroider Line for Embroidery Knits 40 colors/lot, small amout, used to sew the letters appliques on the armchair.

This project was born from a misunderstanding of the word flannelette. :) Thinking that I will make lining for my crocheted hats I ordered flannelette by Wholeport, having fleece in my mind. Now I know that they are not the same thing!

Couldn't do lining for hats, so I found another use for this material. I thought my daughter's old, frayed armchair could get a new, fresh look! The problem was that I have no sewing machine and I had to sew everything by hand. That is why this project took me 2 long days to complete! But now i'm happy with the result, especially because I have no experience in this craft.

Making of...
I customized the armchair with my daughter's name "Ceyla" made of crochet applique letters

For the letters applique i used embroidery floss and a 1,5 mm crochet hook and followed the Free patterns of The Moogly Crochet Alphabet. Beside the written instructions, you will also find charted patterns for many letters.

And here is the end result, the letters sewn on the armchair:

My little girl loves the new look of her armchair! :) And so do i! Do you?

Thank you WholePort for the supplies!

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